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Agroemprende Programme "Innovating in the Territory" (Programa Agroemprende "Innovando en el Territorio") (2017- )Argentina  
Argentina Works Plan (Plan Argentina Trabaja) (2009-2018)Argentina  
Boost Work Programme (Formerly Hacemos Futuro Program) (2020-)Argentina  
Community Employment Programme (Programa de Empleo Comunitario) (2003-2016)Argentina  
Community Productive Projects (2017 - 2020)Argentina  
Continuing Training Programme (Programa de Formación Continua) (2003- )Argentina  
Fomentar Empleo (Promoting Employment programme) (2022 - )Argentina  
Independent Employment Programme (Programa de Empleo Independiente) (2009 - )Argentina  
Labour Insertion Programme (PIL) for Social Programmes- EMPALME (2006- )Argentina  
Manos a la Obra (Let’s Get to Work programme) (2003 - )Argentina  
More and Better Work for Young People (Jóvenes con Más y Mejor Trabajo) (2008-)Argentina  
PROEMPLEAR (2014- ) Argentina  
Project for Socio-Economic Inclusion in Rural Areas (PISEAR) (2015 - )Argentina  
Support for Argentine Students Programme (PROGRESAR) (2014-)Argentina  
Training and Employment Insurance (Seguro de Capacitación y Empleo) (2006-)Argentina  
We make future programme (Programa Hacemos Futuro) (2018- )Argentina  
Youth and MSMEs Programme - Te Sumo (2021 - )Argentina  
Youth with a future programme (Programa Jóvenes con Futuro) (2007-2012)Argentina  
Economic Inclusion for Rural Families and Communities Programme (ACCESOS) (2013- )Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Employment Support Programme (Programa de Apoyo al Empleo) (2012- )Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Empoderar Programme - Rural Partnerships Program (PAR II and III) (2013 - )Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Emprende Banco de Desarrollo Productivo (Productive Development Bank Entrepreneurship - Seed Capital Fund) (FOCASE) (2017 - )Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
I am Young BDP (2018 - )Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
My First Decent Job (Mi Primer Empleo Digno) (2008-)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Programme for the Improvement of Employability and Labour Incomes of Young People (PMEIL) (2017 - 2021)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
PROMYPE Programme (Pilot and PHASE 2) (2014 - 2023)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Amanha Project (1993 - )Brazil  
Crescer Programme (2012- )Brazil  
Employ More Women Programme (Programa Emprega + Mulheres) (2022 - )Brazil  
National Programme for Access to Technical Education and Employment- PRONATEC (Programa Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Técnico e Emprego) (2011-)Brazil  
National Programme for the Promotion of Access to the World of Work "Acessuas Trabalho"(Programa Nacional de Promoção do Acesso ao Mundo do Trabalho "Acessuas Trabalho") (2012-)Brazil  
National Programme of Guided Productive Microcredit (PNMPO) (2005 - )Brazil  
National Programme to Encourage First Employment (Programa Nacional de Estímulo ao Primeiro Emprego) (2003-2007)Brazil  
National Youth Inclusion Programme -Projovem (Programa Nacional de Inclusão de Jovens -Projovem) (2005-)Brazil  
Productive Inclusion of Persons in Situations of Social Vulnerability (Inclusão Produtiva de Pessoas em Situação de Vulnerabilidade Social – Social Economy) (2021 - )Brazil  
Progredir Plan (2017- )Brazil  
Promotion of Rural Productive Activities Programme (Programa de Fomento às Atividades Produtivas Rurais) (2011-)Brazil  
Sector Vocational Training Plan -PlanSeq/Proximo Passo (Plano Setorial de Qualificação Profissional) (2007-2011)Brazil  
I work -Support to your labour plan (Yo Trabajo -Apoyo a tu Plan Laboral) (2013- )Chile  
I work -Youth (Yo Trabajo- Jóvenes) (2007- )Chile  
Access to Microcredit (2009 - )Chile  
Apprenticeship Programme(2006 - )Chile  
Certification of Labour Competencies (2008 - )Chile  
Chile Qualifies (Chile Califica) (2002-2009)Chile  
Employment Support Programme Chile Solidario (Programa de Apoyo al Empleo Sistema Chile Solidario) (2005 - )Chile  
I Work (Yo Trabajo) (2009- )Chile  
Indigenous Micro-Entrepreneurship (Former Generation of Urban Indigenous Micro-Entrepreneurship Program) (2006- )Chile  
Job Skills Equalization Programme (Programa Nivelación de Competencias Laborales (PNCL)) (1999-2008 )Chile  
Juvenile Justice - Labour Mediation for Sanctioned Youth (PIL) (2015 - )Chile  
Labour Hiring Bonus Programme (Programa de bonificación a la contratación de la mano de obra) (2001-2010)Chile  
Labour skills development (Desarrollo de Competencias Laborales) (2005)Chile  
More Able (Más Capaz) (2014-2019)Chile  
Programme 4 to 7 (2011 - )Chile  
Reinvent Yourself programme (Reinvéntate) (2019 - )Chile  
Rural Women (Mujeres Rurales) (1992 - )Chile  
Support for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market (2019 - )Chile  
Training for Work (Formación para el Trabajo) (Ex Training for Trades) (1997- )Chile  
Transit to Independent Life Programme (Programa Tránsito a la Vida Independiente) (2016-)Chile  
Women Entrepreneurship (2015 - )Chile  
Women head of household (Mujeres Jefas de Hogar)(2007- )Chile  
Women's Economic Autonomy (2015 - )Chile  
Women's Work Grant (Bono al Trabajo de la Mujer) (2009- )Chile  
Yo Emprendo Semilla (Ex Microenterprise Support Programme -PAME) (Programa de Apoyo al Microemprendimiento) (2002- )Chile  
Youth Employment Subsidy (Subsidio al Empleo Joven) (2009)Chile  
Employment Without Borders programme (Empléate Sin Fronteras) (2020 - )Colombia  
Employment-in-action programme (Programa Empleo en Acción) (2000-2004)Colombia  
Emprender Fund (2002 - )Colombia  
Families on their Land (Familias en su Tierra) (2016 - )Colombia  
Integral Rural Interventions (Intervenciones Rurales Integrales) (IRACA) (2015 - )Colombia  
My Business (Mi Negocio) (2016 - 2020)Colombia  
Sacúdete Strategy (2019 - )Colombia  
Social Prosperity Income Programme (Ingreso para la Prosperidad Social) (2011-2014)Colombia  
There is Work (Camello Sí Hay) (2021 - 2023)Colombia  
Women Savers in Action (Mujeres Ahorradoras en Acción) (2007-2014)Colombia  
Young Rural Entrepreneurs Programme (Jóvenes Rurales Emprendedores) (2003-2015 )Colombia  
Youth in Action (Jóvenes en Acción) (2001-)Colombia  
Empléate (2011-)Costa Rica  
Emprende Project (2012 - 2019)Costa Rica  
IMAS TrainingCosta Rica  
Individual Productive Entrepreneurship (IMAS) (2018 - )Costa Rica  
Mi First Job (Mi Primer Empleo) (2015-)Costa Rica  
National Employment Programme (Programa Nacional de Empleo) (PRONAE) (2000- )Costa Rica  
National Programme of Support for Micro-enterprise and Social Mobility (PRONAMYPE) (1992 - )Costa Rica  
Youth and Employment Programme (PJE) (2003- )Dominican Republic  
"Fortalece Empleo" Strategy (2018 - )Ecuador  
Human Development Credit Programme (Complementary to the Human Development Grant) (2001- )Ecuador  
My First Job (2007 - )Ecuador  
My Future is Today (formerly Youth Employment) (Mi Futuro es Hoy (ex Empleo Joven)) (2018 - 2021)Ecuador  
Programme Emprende Empleo (2018 -)Ecuador  
JóvenES Con Todo Programme (2014-)El Salvador  
Temporary Income Support Program (PATI) (Complementary Programme to the Solidarity in Communities Programme) (Programa de Apoyo Temporal al Ingreso) (2009-2016)El Salvador  
First Job Grant (Beca Primer Empleo) (2013-2018)Guatemala  
My Craftspersons Grant (Mi Beca Artesano) (2012-2018)Guatemala  
Programme of Employment Creation and Vocational Education for Young People (Programa de generación de empleo y educación vocacional para jóvenes en Guatemala) (2013- )Guatemala  
Social Grant Programme (Programa Beca Social) (2018-)Guatemala  
Kore Peyizan (2013-2015)Haiti  
Temporary Social Safety Net and Skills for Youth (Filet de Sécurité Sociale Temporaire et Compétence pour les Jeunes) (2020-)Haiti  
Ti Kredi (2013-2015)Haiti  
Con Chamba Vivís Mejor (2014-)Honduras  
Employment Promotion Programme- PROEMPLEO (Programa de Promoción al Empleo) (2004-)Honduras  
Vocational training for young people at risk of exclusion (PROJOVEN) (Formación profesional para jóvenes en riesgo de exclusión social) (2014)Honduras  
Building Youth for National Development (2002- )Jamaica  
Jamaica Youth Employment Network (2005- )Jamaica  
Step-to-work Programme (2008- )Jamaica  
Employment Support Programme (PAE) (Programa de Apoyo al Empleo) (1998-)Mexico  
Microcredit for Wellbeing Programme (Tandas para el Bienestar) (2019 - 2021)Mexico  
My First Employment Programme (Programa de Primer Empleo) (2007-2011)Mexico  
National Program of Financing for Microentrepreneurs and Rural Women (2001 - 2019)Mexico  
Program for the Improvement of Indigenous Production and Productivity (2014 - )Mexico  
Programme of Support for the Productivity of Women Entrepreneurs (PROMETE) (2008 - 2015)Mexico  
Promotion of Social Economy Programme (Ex Productive Options Programme) (Programa de Fomento a la Economía Social) (2003- )Mexico  
Social Economy Strategies Network (REDES) (2021 - )Mexico  
Sowing Life Programme (2019-)Mexico  
Temporary Employment Programme (PET) (Programa de Empleo Temporal) (2000-)Mexico  
Young people with Prospera (Jóvenes con Prospera -Ex Jóvenes con Oportunidades 2003-2014) (2003-2019)Mexico  
Youth building the future (Jóvenes construyendo el futuro) (2019-)Mexico  
Food Productive Programme (Zero Hunger Programme) (Programa Productivo Alimentario) (2007-)Nicaragua  
Usura Cero Microcredit Programme (2007 - )Nicaragua  
Fami-Enterprises (2006 - )Panama  
Godfather Entrepreneur Programme (Programa Padrino Empresario) (2000- )Panama  
Labour Inclusion Support Programme (PAIL) (Programa de Apoyo a la Inserción Laboral) (2007- )Panama  
Learning By Doing (Ex Panama Pro Youth / Ex Panamá Pro Joven) (2014- )Panama  
Programme for the Improvement of the Employability of People with Disabilities (Programa de Mejoramiento a la Empleabilidad de las Personas con Discapacidad) (2015-)Panama  
Seed Capital Fund (2009 - )Panama  
Dual Methodology Vocational Training Programme (Mopadual) (2018 - )Paraguay  
First Employment Programme (2021 - )Paraguay  
Joint Opportunities Programme (PCO) "Youth: Skills and Economic Opportunities for Social Inclusion".Paraguay  
Ñamba`apo Paraguay (2010-2012)Paraguay  
Tenonderã (2014- )Paraguay  
Woman City (2015 - )Paraguay  
Women Entrepreneurs in Family Farming (2013 - 2018)Paraguay  
Access to Local Markets for Rural Households with Subsistence Economies - Haku Wiñay (2014-)Peru  
Microenterprise Support Programme (PAME) (Programa de Apoyo Crediticio a la Pequeña y Microempresa) (1992-)Peru  
National Employability Program (Ex Productive Youth and "Impulsa Perú") (2011-)Peru  
National Programme for the Promotion of Employment Opportunities "Impulsa Perú" (Ex Vamos Peru) (2011- 2021)Peru  
Programme for the Generation of Inclusive Social Employment -Trabaja Perú (Ex Building Peru) (2006-)Peru  
Promoting Youth Micro Enterprises (PRYME) (2019-)Saint Vincent and The Grenadines  
On the job training (2022 - )Trinidad and Tobago  
Unemployment Relief Programme (2010- )Trinidad and Tobago  
Access Programmes (2022 - )Uruguay  
Education Commitment programme (Compromiso Educativo) (2010- )Uruguay  
FOCCO Programme (Strengthening Capacities and Competences) (2010 - )Uruguay  
I Study and Work (2012 - )Uruguay  
Objetivo Empleo Programme (POE) (2007 - )Uruguay  
Productive Entrepreneurship Strengthening Programme (Programa de Fortalecimiento a Emprendimientos Productivos) (Programa de Fortalecimiento a Emprendimientos Productivos) (2006-)Uruguay  
Productive Investment Program (1996 - )Uruguay  
Promotion, development and auditing of Social Cooperatives (Promoción, desarrollo y auditoria de Cooperativas Sociales) (2006-)Uruguay  
Social insertion programme aimed at people with problematic drug use during processes of care, treatment, and social integration (2011 - )Uruguay  
Support for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market (2012 - )Uruguay  
Training of populations vulnerable to unemployment (1993 - )Uruguay  
Uruguay Works programme (Uruguay Trabaja) (2007-)Uruguay  
Youth Employment (2013 - )Uruguay  
Youth in Network (2012 - 2021)Uruguay  
Gran Misión Chamba Juvenil (Formerly Gran Misión Saber y Trabajo) (2012- )Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)  
Gran Misión Ribas (2003- )Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)  
I am a Woman (2016-)Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)  


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