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My Craftspersons Grant (Mi Beca Artesano) (2012-2018)



Date: 2012-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The objective of the programme is to strengthen and develop people's skills through training in handcrafted products in order to improve their family income. This scholarship has a duration of 3 to 6 months of training and technical assistance. The programme is oriented specifically to rural areas and seeks the organisation of groups so that the training process contributes to improving their productivity. The grant amount is between 1200 and 1800 quetzales


Target population: Persons of legal age, preferably women in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty, without formal job who possess skills for the elaboration of handicrafts or diverse craft.
Area of intervention: 1) Professional and vocational training
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: Categorical Geographic (Focuses on municipalities that are in poverty and extreme poverty situation in several departments of the country)
Registry of recipients: SAB Scholarship Management System.


Legal framework: Ministerial Agreement No. 90-2015
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Social Development
Executing organization(s): Ministry of Social Development
Source of funding: Government of Guatemala

1) Training

Recipient(s): Programme participants
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Conditionalities: Attend at least 80% of the training Present a sample of the elaborate product
Comments: The grant will be withdrawn when the user does not comply with the co-responsibilities
Description: Training in handcrafted products so that families can establish their own businesses.




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