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Non-contributory Social Protection Programmes Database
Latin America and the Caribbean


Programmes Countries Details
Old-age Assistance Programme (1993-)Antigua and Barbuda  
People's Benefit Program (2009-)Antigua and Barbuda  
Programa de Pensiones no Contributivas (1948-)Argentina  
Universal Pension for Older People (2016-)Argentina  
Invalidity Assistance (1972-)Bahamas  
Old-age Non-Contributory Pension (1972-)Bahamas  
Non-Contributory Old-Age Pension (1982-)Barbados  
Non-Contributory Pension Program (2003-)Belize  
Non-Contributory Pension (1970-)Bermuda  
Bonosol “Bono Solidario“ (1997-2007)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Monthly Transfer For People With Severe And Very Serious Disabilities (2018-)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Renta Universal de Vejez “Renta Dignidad“ (2008-)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Solidarity Income (2013 - 2017)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Benefício de Prestação Continuada (Continuous Benefit Programme) (1996-)Brazil  
Previdência Rural (1993-)Brazil  
Assistance Pension (PASIS) (1975-2008)Chile  
Pensión Básica Solidaria (Basic Solidarity Pension) (2008-)Chile  
Pensión Garantizada Universal (PGU) / Universal Guaranteed Pension (2022- )Chile  
Programa Colombia Mayor (Colombia Elderly Programme) (2012- )Colombia  
Programa de Protección Social al Adulto Mayor (Social protection program for the elderly) (2003-2012)Colombia  
Poverty and Disability (1999-)Costa Rica  
Régimen no contributivo de pensiones por monto básico (Non-contributory pension scheme by basic amount) (1974-)Costa Rica  
Régimen de Asistencia Social / Social Assistance Regime (1979-)Cuba  
Solidarity Pensions of the Subsidized Regime (2019 - )Dominican Republic  
Joaquin Gallegos Lara Allowance (2010-)Ecuador  
Pension for Elderly and Pension for Persons with Disabilities (Human Development Grant programme) (2003-)Ecuador  
Our Older People's Rights (Nuestros Mayores Derechos) (2009-)El Salvador  
Aporte Económico del Adulto Mayor (2005-)Guatemala  
Old Age Pension (Universal) (1994-)Guyana  
Pension for Older People (Pensión para Adultos Mayores) (ex "70 and over" programme)Mexico  
Pension for the Well-being of Older People / Pensión para el Bienestar de las Personas Adultas Mayores (2019-)Mexico  
Pension for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities (2019-)Mexico  
Programme of Food Support for Adults over 68 years old living in Mexico City (2001-)Mexico  
120 a los 65: Programa Especial de Transferencia Económica a los Adultos Mayores (2009-) (120 to 65: Special programme of economic assistance for the elderly) (2009-)Panama  
Guardian Angel Programme (2013-)Panama  
Food Pensions for Older People in a Situation of Poverty (2009- )Paraguay  
National Non-contributory Pension Program for People with Severe Disability in Situation of Poverty - CONTIGO (2017-)Peru  
National Solidarity Assistance Programme “Pension 65“ (2011-)Peru  
Non-Contributory Assistance Pension (1998-)Saint Kitts and Nevis  
Non-contributory Assistance Age Pension (1998-)Saint Vincent and The Grenadines  
Disability Assistance Grant (1997-)Trinidad and Tobago  
Senior Citizens'Pension (ex Old Age Pension) (2001-)Trinidad and Tobago  
Pensiones no contributivas por vejez e invalidez (Non contributory pensions for older people and the disabled) (1919-)Uruguay  
Great Mission in Elder Love (2011- )Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)  


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