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Renta Universal de Vejez “Renta Dignidad“ (2008-)
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)



Date: 2008-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: Cash transfer programme for the elderly as part of the Non-contributory Social Security System. Renta Dignidad is a non-contributory life pension that aims to protect the income of this vulnerable population. The programme has been preceded by "Bonosol", which was a yearly bonus of Bs1800 to all adults aged 65 years or older.


Target population:
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: Universal, with differences in the amount transferred if the person receives an income or pension from contributive social security.
Exit strategies or criteria: Lifetime


Legal framework: LawNº 3791 (2007); Supreme Decree 29400 (2007); Supreme Decree 29417 (2008); Supreme Decree 29423 (2008) ; Law 378 (2013); Law N° 562 (2014); Law N° 953 (2017).
Responsible organization(s): Authority for the Supervision and Control of Pensions and Insurances (APS)
Executing organization(s): Pension Fund Managers
Source of funding: Indirect Tax Resources on Hydrocarbons and dividends from public enterprises.

1) Pensión (Pension)

Recipient(s): Everyone aged 60 or over
Mode of transfer: Flat transfer
Mode of delivery: Cash withdrawal
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct beneficiary
Maximum per household: 12 payments
Comments: The payments are cumulative
Amount : Minimum amount of B$ 270 and maximum of B$ 325 monthly in 2017; see Selected figures


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Link: See Webpage
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Author: Hernani-Limarino, W. and Mena, G.
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Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact Evaluation


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Author: Borrella-Mas, M., Bosch, M. and Sartarelli, M.
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The impact of Renta Dignidad: Income Redistribution Policy, Consumption and Poverty Reduction in Households with Older Adults

Author: Escobar, F., Martínez, S. and Mendizábal, J
Date: 2013
Publication info: Unidad de Análisis de Políticas Sociales y Económicas (UDAPE); La Paz, Bolivi
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation




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