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Non-contributory Social Protection Programmes Database
Latin America and the Caribbean


Programmes Countries Details
Familias por la Inclusión Social (2005-2010)Argentina  
Jefas y Jefes de Hogar Desocupados (2002-2005)Argentina  
Programa de Ciudadanía Porteña (2005-)Argentina  
Universal Child Allowance for Social Protection (AUH) (2009-)Argentina  
Building Opportunities for Our Social Transformation, BOOST (2011-)Belize  
Bono Juancito Pinto (Juancito Pinto Grant) (2006-)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Bono Madre Niña-Niño Juana Azurduy (Juana Azurduy de Padilla Mother-and-Child Grant) (2009-)Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
Bolsa Alimentação (Bolsa Alimentação food grant) (2001-2003)Brazil  
Bolsa Escola (2001-2003)Brazil  
Bolsa Familia (2003-)Brazil  
Bolsa Verde Programme (2011-2018)Brazil  
Cartão Alimentação (Cartão Alimentação food card) (2003)Brazil  
Programa de Erradicação do Trabalho Infantil (PETI) (1996-)Brazil  
Chile Securities and Opportunities - SSyOO (Ethical Family Income - IEF) (2012-)Chile  
Chile Solidario (Solidarity Chile) (2002-2017)Chile  
Single Family Allowance (1981-)Chile  
Más Familias en Acción (More Families in Action) (2001-)Colombia  
Red Unidos (Unidos Network formerly Juntos Network) (2007-)Colombia  
Subsidios Condicionados a la Asistencia Escolar (Conditional Subsidies for School Attendance) (2005-2012)Colombia  
Avancemos (2006-)Costa Rica  
Crecemos (2019-)Costa Rica  
Superémonos (2000-2002)Costa Rica  
Programa Solidaridad (Solidarity programme) (2005-2012)Dominican Republic  
Progressing with Solidarity (2012-)Dominican Republic  
Bono de Desarrollo Humano (Human Development Grant) (2003-)Ecuador  
Bono Solidario (Solidarity Grant) (1998-2003)Ecuador  
Zero Malnutrition (2011-)Ecuador  
Program of Support to Communities in Solidarity in El Salvador (ex Rural Communities in Solidarity or Network of Solidarity) (2005-)El Salvador  
Mi Familia Progresa (2008-2011)Guatemala  
Programa Bolsa Social (ex Mi bolsa segura) / Social Basket Programme (ex My Safe Basket) (2012-)Guatemala  
Protección y Desarrollo de la Niñez y Adolescencia Trabajadora (2007-2008)Guatemala  
Social Allowance (ex My Safety Allowance) (2012-)Guatemala  
VIDA Programme (2017-)Guatemala  
Ti Manman Cheri (2012-)Haiti  
Bono Vida Mejor (ex Bono 10.000 Education, health and nutrition) (2010-)Honduras  
PRAF/IDB Tranche II (1998-2005)Honduras  
PRAF/IDB Tranche III (2006-2009)Honduras  
Programa de Asignación Familiar (PRAF) (Family Allowance Programme) (1990-2009)Honduras  
Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) (2001-)Jamaica  
Benito Juárez Scholarships for the Well-being (2019-)Mexico  
Oportunidades (Human Development Programme, formerly “Progresa“) (1997-2014)Mexico  
Prosperity. Social Inclusion Programme (2014-2019)Mexico  
Stimulus Program for the Universal Baccalaureate, "Prepa Sí" (2007-2019)Mexico  
Red de Protección Social (Social Protection Network) (2000-2006)Nicaragua  
Sistema de Atención a Crisis (Crisis Response System) (2005-2006)Nicaragua  
Bonos Familiares para la Compra de Alimentos (Programme of grants for families to buy food) (2005-)Panama  
Red de Oportunidades (Opportunities Network) (2006-)Panama  
Universal Educational Social Assistance Programme (PASE-U) (2020-)Panama  
Abrazo (Programme to progressively decrease child work in the streets) (2005-)Paraguay  
Tekoporâ (2005-)Paraguay  
Juntos (National Programme of Direct Support to the Poorest) (2005-)Peru  
Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Program (TCCTP) (2005-)Trinidad and Tobago  
Asignaciones Familiares - Plan Equidad (Family allowances - Equity Plan) (2008-)Uruguay  
Plan de Atención Nacional a la Emergencia Social (PANES) (National Social Emergency Response Plan) (2005-2007)Uruguay  
Tarjeta Uruguay Social (ex-Tarjeta Alimentaria) Social Uruguay Card (former Food Card)(2006-)Uruguay  


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