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Subsidios Condicionados a la Asistencia Escolar (Conditional Subsidies for School Attendance) (2005-2012)



Date: 2005-2012
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: Conditional cash transfer programme (CCT) implemented in the city of Bogota.


Target population: Families living in poverty (not indigent), with children under 19 attending school between 6th and 11th grade.
Geographic scale: Local (Mayoralty Bogota)
Targeting method: Means testing (Quality of Life Index, SISBEN Level 2)
Instrument of selection: 1) System for the Identification of Potential Social Programme Beneficiaries (SISB√ČN).
Exit strategies or criteria: Maximum period of time in the programme: 2 years (Education subsidy) and 3 years (Transportation subsidy).
Comments: Cash transfers offered are incompatible with other monetary benefits.


Legal framework: Resolution n 4671 of 2008; Resolution n 4056 of dicember 30 of 2011
Responsible organization(s): Secretary of Education, Capital District

1) Subsidio educativo (Education subsidy)

Recipient(s): Children under 19 years old enrolled between 6th and 11th grade
Mode of transfer: Transfer by recipient characteristics (consider level of education attended by the children)
Mode of delivery: Magnetic card
Periodicity of delivery: Bimonthly
Recipient of the transfer: Mother
Conditionalities: Education: School attendance with a maximum of 8 excused absences (every two months)
Sanctions: The household will lose the subsidy if the student fails the school year or violates the commitments of school assistance during two cycles (continuous or discontinuous).
Comments: The transfer is divided into 2 types: type 1 (grades 9th, 10th and 11th), Type 2 " pass level incentive" (grades 6th, 7th and 8th). The second is divided into two, giving the second part of the incentive in January of the following year.
From the age of 16, the transfer can be withdrawn by the child.
Amount : COP $80,000 every two months; see Data Excel format


2) Subsidio de transportes (Transportation subsidy)

Recipient(s): Children between 14 and 19 years old enrolled between 9 th and 11 th grade, and who live more than 2 kms far from the school.
Mode of transfer: Flat transfer
Mode of delivery: Magnetic card
Periodicity of delivery: Bimonthly (is done in advance)
Recipient of the transfer: Mother
Conditionalities: Education: School attendance with a maximum of 10 excused absences (every two months).
Comments: The students whom the Secretary of Education (SED) allocates in an official school further than two kilometers from the place of residence, will receive the transfer.
The subsidy is assigned for one year, renewable annually
If the beneficiary does not attend school, s/he will be deducted the sum of $ 2,800 per day of absence.
Amount : Minimum amount of COP $150.000 and maximum amount of COP $300.000 bimonthly; see Data Excel format


Conditional cash transfers in education: Design features, peer and sibling effects. Evidence from a randomized experiment in Colombia

Author: Barrera-Osorio, F., Bertrand, M., Linden, L., and Perez-Calle, F.
Date: 2008
Publication info: Working paper No. 4580 of the World Bank
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation




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