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Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Program (TCCTP) (2005-)
Trinidad and Tobago



Date: 2005-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: Conditional cash transfer program (CCT) with emphasis on psychosocial work with beneficiary families. Successor of the program Social Help and Rehabilitative Efforts (SHARE). The programme acknolwedges the influence of the Chilean program "Puente" on its design. It also aims to improve the links between the beneficiary families and the available network of public social services and programs, with special interest in social promotion (professional and skill training, entrepreneurship).


Target population: Poor families
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Proxy means test: Families in poverty according to the calculation of officials of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.
2) Categorical: Households whose situation and information is verified through visits by officials of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.
Instrument of selection: Index of Quality of Life calculated from information provided by families.
Exit strategies or criteria: Limit of permanence: 2 years. No recertification.


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.
Responsible organization(s) for the registry of recipients: Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.
Source of funding: Government of Trinidad and Tobago

1) Bono (Cash transfer)

Recipient(s): All beneficiary households
Mode of transfer: Transfer according to household composition (number of children)
Mode of delivery: Magnetic card (Smart Card)
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Household representative
Maximum per household: Maximum number of beneficiaries (6) per household with decreasing amount
Conditionalities: Employment: Enrollment of eligible persons in an employment agency.
Training and information: participation of beneficiaries in life skills activities (family planning, financial issues)
Professional training: attendance of 85% to professional training courses.


2) Vinculación con otros programas (Access to other programmes)

Recipient(s): All beneficiary households
Description: Beneficiary households are offered access to social development programs, among which: technical and vocational training, social abilities, financial management, family planning, parenthood training and entrepreneurship.


3) Acompañamiento Familiar: Social Transformation and Empowerment Programme - Uplifting People (STEP-UP)

Recipient(s): All beneficiary households
Comments: This component its recognizes like an adaptation of Chilesolidario's Programa Puente offering an approach to targeting the vulnerable by meeting them at their door, in their community or wherever they may be.
Description: Step Up seeks to implement a system that allows transform beneficiaries protagonists of their own development, rather than assuming them as passive recipients of public policy. The head of household assume an important role in the process of family recognition of their behavior, capital and abilities of each member that could be useful to face future challenges. Thus, the aim of Step Up would be to reduce psychosocial barriers to enable the development of the members of the family.


A Note on Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (TCCTP) in Trinidad y Tobago

Author: Hailu, Degol and Cecile Pemberton
Date: 2007
Publication info: International Poverty Center, DRAFT [online]
Link: See Webpage
Topic: General information




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