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Zero Malnutrition (2011-)



Date: 2011-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The programme's main objective is to reduce the occurrence of low weight at birth, to improve children's nutrition and increase their health medical checks. The programme aims to aid pregnant women during the gestation period, the first three months after birth and the child from birth until they turn 5 years of age. It is part of the strategy "Action Nutrition" (Acción Nutrición) of the Ministry of Coordination and Social Development and will be implemented in 303 Districts (parroquias) that present chronic malnutrition levels above 35% and are identified by the "Integral Nutritional Territorial Intervention" strategy (Intervención Nutricional Territorial Integral, INTI). It provides educational talks as well as a transfer conditional on the assistance and accreditation of medical checkups.


Target population: Poor households with children under one year old and pregnant women
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Proxy means test: Households in levels 1 y 2 of the Social Registy.
2) 2) Geographical
Instrument of selection: Social Registry (Ex-SELBÉN)
Exit strategies or criteria: Loss of eligibility
Comments: The recipients from Quito and Guayaquil are mothers who are receiving the Human Development Grant


Legal framework: Presidential Decree 785
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Public Health
Executing organization(s): Nutrition Coordination of the Ministry of Public Health
Source of funding: Ministry of Public Health

1) Economic Incentive

Recipient(s): Pregnant and lactating women, and/or children under 5 years of age
Mode of transfer: In function of the fulfillment of the conditionalities (higher transfer for the first and last ante-natal checkups and twice a year if the growth of the son/daughter falls into the normal range, according to standards of the Ministry of Public Health )
Periodicity of delivery: 1) Transfer at the moment of birth.
2) Transfers for the fulfillment of medical checkups during the first year of life of the child.
Recipient of the transfer: Mother
Conditionalities: Health: Attendance to ante-natal and post natal medical checkups. For the post natal transfers, it will be evaluated the development and growth of the child.
Comments: Mothers must give birth attended by health personnel, and have 5 pregnancy checkups, 6 medical checkups in the first year of life of the child and 2 medical checkups in the second year (although they do not receive cash transfers for these last checkups ).
Amount : It is transferred 10 dollars by each medical check up, and 60 dollars for the institutional birth. For more details, see Selected Figures


2) Nutrition and care training

Recipient(s): Pregnant women
Description: These workshops aims to educate and raise the awareness of pregnant women on the importance of child care and nutrition, generating posible changes in their habits and availability for the realization of the ante natal and post natal checkups.


Propuesta de fortalecimiento institucional en el área de nutrición

Author: Freire, Wilma
Date: 2011
Publication info: Ministry of Public Health [online]
Link: See Webpage
Topic: General Information




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