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Red Unidos (Unidos Network formerly Juntos Network) (2007-)



Date: 2007-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: This programme is an intervention strategy that provides comprehensive and coordinated family and community support to families subject to its intervention and facilitates access of beneficiaries to the offer of State social services, in order to achieve 45 basic goals.


Target population: 1.5 million families living in extreme poverty and / or in displacement condition.
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Proxy means test: all families at SISBEN- Level 1.
2) Categorical: Displaced families enrolled in the Unique Registry of Victims (RUV) and families registered in the Census for indigenous population.
Instrument of selection: 1) System for the Identification of Potential Social Programme Beneficiaries (SISBÉN).
2) Unique Registry of Victims (RUV)..
3) Census for indigenous population.
Registry of recipients: Information system SIUNIDOS
Exit strategies or criteria: Maximum time in the program: 5 years.
Comments: The Familias en Acción programme is the entrance to "Red Unidos" (ex "Red Juntos").
Cash transfers offered are incompatible with other monetary benefits.


Legal framework: Social Conpes Document 102 (2006); National Development Plan (2006-2010) Community State: Development for All. Law 1785 of the 21st of June, 2016 through which a network to abolish extreme poverty is established - Unidos Network and other provisions.
Responsible organization(s): National Planning Department,Administrative Department for Social Prosperity, Ministry of Social Protection
Executing organization(s): Department for Social Prosperity (DPS)
Responsible organization(s) for the registry of recipients: Department for Social Prosperity (DPS)
Source of funding: National Government (PGN), Departments and Municipalities.

1) Acompañamiento Familiar y Comunitario (Family and Community Support)

Recipient(s): All beneficiary households of the programme
Description: The family and community support is implemented through local support teams, composed by the General Coordinator and Social Operators. These teams are responsible for:
1) create the family information baseline of the 45 basic achievements in 9 dimensions (identification, income and work, education, health, nutrition, housing, family dynamics, banking and savings and support to ensure access to justice)
2) build, with the family, a Family Plan, define the priorities of the family and identify a route for meeting the basic achievements in the short, medium and long term
3) support and guide the family to enable its basic achievements, fulfill their goals in the family Plan and connect with social services and programs available in the territory.
This complements the community support which seeks to stimulate dialogue and exchange of knowledge between family, community, and local institutions.


2) Oferta y Acceso Preferente (Offer and Preferential Access)

Recipient(s): All beneficiary households of the programme
Description: Households beneficiaries have, during the duration of the support programme, preferential access to social services and programmes provided by the State. This is followed by intersectoral and local institutional strengthening to meet the demand for services and programmes.


3) Fortalecimiento Institucional (Institutional Strengthening)

Recipient(s): All municipalities involved
Description: Design and implementation of a set of instruments (territorial baseline, territorial basic conditions and capacity map), methodologies and actions (Municipal Action Plan and Technical Assistance for Strengthening CPS) in order to build the capacity of municipalities to consolidate a social protection scheme.


4) Ingreso para la Prosperidad Social

Recipient(s): Heads of household or their spouses, aged between 18 to 35 years old, with schooling between 5th and 11th grade, who do not have formal employment.
Periodicity of delivery: Bimonthly
Comments: As corresponsabilities, the beneficiary must fulfill the following commitments:
1) Study until reaching a grade in technical/technological formation
2) Take an active part in social services activities
3) Fulfill their achievements in the Unidos Network
4) Save money
Description: Social Income strengthens the capabilities and competencies for income generation of the members of families belonging to the programme in order to develop labor habits that will allow them to achieve their fulfilments.
Amount : Minimum amount of COP $250,000 and maximum of COP $300,000 bimonthly; see Data Excel format


Evaluación de Impacto de UNIDOS - Red de protección social para la superación de la pobreza extrema. Informe de evaluación para población en situación de desplazamiento y población focalizada con SISBEN.

Author: ANSPE, UNIDOS, DNP, Econometria, IFS, Fedesarrollo and SEI
Date: 2012
Publication info: Report
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation


Evaluación de la gestión y operación de la prueba piloto de JUNTOS

Author: Econometría S.A.
Date: 2008
Publication info:
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Evaluation


Evaluación Interna de la Prueba Piloto de JUNTOS

Author: Coordinación Nacional de JUNTOS
Date: 2008
Publication info:
Topic: Evaluation


Red de Protección Social para la superación de la pobreza extrema - JUNTOS. Manual de Operaciones - Versión 5

Author: Comité Ejecutivo de Red JUNTOS
Date: 2009
Publication info: [online]
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Manual


Metodología para la elaboración del Plan Familiar

Author: Coordinación Nacional de JUNTOS
Date: 2010
Publication info:
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Methodological


Manual de recolección de línea de base

Author: Coordinación Nacional de JUNTOS
Date: 2010
Publication info:
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Methodological


Cuaderno general de acompañamiento

Author: Coordinación Nacional de JUNTOS
Date: 2010
Publication info:
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Conceptual




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