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Cartão Alimentação (Cartão Alimentação food card) (2003)



Date: 2003
Description: Federal programme of income transfers linked to strengthening the food security of the country's population (without conditionalities). Established in 2003 by the recently created Special Ministry of Food Security and Hunger Combat (MESA), predecessor of the current Ministry of Social Development (MDS). That same year the programme became part of the newly created Bolsa Família programme. The programme continued to provide cash transfers until 2011 to families that had not migrated to the Bolsa Familia Programme.


Target population: Families in extreme poverty with children aged 0 to 6 years and/or pregnant women.
Geographic scale: National
Exit strategies or criteria: Maximum period of permanence: 6 months extendable up to 18 months


Legal framework: MP 108 (27/02/2003); Law 10,689 (13/06/2003)
Responsible organization(s): Special Minister of Food Security and Hunger Combat (MESA)

1) Cartão Alimentação

Recipient(s): All participating households of the programme
Mode of transfer: Flat transfer
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Mother
Maximum per household: One transfer per household




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