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Programa Bolsa Social (ex Mi bolsa segura) / Social Basket Programme (ex My Safe Basket) (2012-)



Date: 2012-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: Conditional Cash transfer programme that aims to facilitate the access to the products of the basic food basket for families living in poverty and extreme poverty, residing in urban and rural areas of the department of Guatemala.


Target population: Househols living a situation of poverty or extreme poverty, whose members include children between 0 and 15 years of age and/or adults older than 65 years old.
Geographic scale: Department of Guatemala
Targeting method: 1) Categorical: families living in poverty or extreme poverty, with children aged 0 to 15 years of age and/or adults over 65 years old.
2) Geographical: residents of the municipalities with the highest poverty incidence in the Department of Guatemala.
3) Proxy means test: evaluation of the Socioeconomic Form of Social Programs (unsatisfied basic needs method)
Instrument of selection: Extreme Poverty Index created with the Socioeconomic Form of Social Programs
Registry of recipients: General Data Base of the IT System of the Programme Mi Bolsa Segura
Exit strategies or criteria: The definite exit of the programme can be caused by:
i) Presenting fake or manipulated documents
ii) Passing of the recipient representing the family
iii) The recipient representing the family is sentenced by a judicial body
iv) Using the part of or the whole transfer to buy unauthorised products
v) Not using the cash transfer in 4 consecutive months
vi) When the family is enrolled in a similar social programme
vii) For being inactive in the data base for 12 months
viii) Not fulfilling conditionalities for 2 periods of measurement
Comments: The program started as "Mi Bolsa Segura" through the Ministerial Agreement 02-2012; in 2016 it was modified (Ministerial Agreement DS-24-2016) in order to establish the current mechanism of cash transfer through debit card, with the objective to make the processes of food assistance more transparent. In May of 2016 the social programme Mi Bolsa Segura is modified to include the Conditional Cash Transfer for Food as an intervention. In 2018, through Ministerial Agreement DS-149-2018, the name of the programme was changed to Bolsa Social.


Legal framework: Ministerial Agreement 02-2012 (2012), Ministerial Agreement DS-24-2016 (2016) and Ministerial Agreement DS-149-2018.
Responsible organization(s): Viceministry of Social Protection, Direction of Social Security
Executing organization(s): Direction of Coordination and Organization of the Viceministry of Social Protection
Responsible organization(s) for the registry of recipients: Subdirection of Food Packages
Source of funding: Ministry of Social Development (MIDES)

1) Food package

Recipient(s): Families from urban areas living in poverty in the municipalities of Guatemala with children under 18 years of age, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, older persons and/or people with disability.
Mode of transfer: Food package
Mode of delivery: Food rations (beans, rice, mosh, corn flour, vegetable oil, sugar, salt and incaparina)
Periodicity of delivery: Depends on the financial capacity of the programme.
Recipient of the transfer: Head of household
Conditionalities: Training and empowerment of women in the household
Comments: Emergency food packages are also delivered, for example, to areas affected by natural disasters.
This component was part of the programme "Mi Bolsa Segura" (Ministerial Agreement 02-2012), operating from 2012 to 2016. In 2016 the programme was modified (Ministerial Agreement DS-24-2016) in order to establish a mechanism that would allow a more transparent process of food delivery, via a cash transfer through debit card.
Amount : GTQ $191 (unit cost of a food package in 2015)


2) Conditional cash transfer for food

Recipient(s): Families living in poverty or extreme poverty with children between the ages of 0 to 15 and/or adults over 65 years of age
Mode of transfer: Flat transfer
Mode of delivery: Debit card
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Head of household
Maximum per household: One transfer per family
Conditionalities: i) Education: children aged 6 to 15 years old must be enrolled in a centre of public education recognised by the Ministry of Educaction (MINEDUC)
ii) Information and awareness: recipients must participate in informative activities prepared by the Subdirection of Food Packages
Sanctions: Temporary exit from the program: not using que cash transfer in 3 consecutive months; changing residence without notifying the programme.
Comments: Criteria for the exemption of the conditionality fulfillment: if the recipient suffers from a chronic terminal disease, and when underage members of the household are unable to assist to the centres of public education.
This component was created in 2016 (Ministerial Agreement DS-24-2016) as an intervention in the programme "Mi Bolsa Segura". In 2017 it becomes the only intervention of the programme, and its name changed in 2018 to Bolsa Social (Ministerial Agreement DS-149-2018).
Amount : GTQ $250 in 2021; see Data in Excel format


Acuerdo Ministerial Número DS-24-2016

Author: Ministry of Social Development (MIDES)
Date: 2016
Publication info: Guatemala, May 5 of 2016
Topic: Ministerial Agreement


Manual Operativo de la Intervención: Transferencia Monetaria Condicionada para Alimentos del Programa Social "Mi Bolsa Segura" Versión III

Author: Ministerio de Desarrollo Social
Date: 2017
Publication info: Guatemala C.A., Guatemala; October of 2017
Topic: Operational Manual




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