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Bolsa Alimentação (Bolsa Alimentação food grant) (2001-2003)



Date: 2001-2003
Description: Federal government programme of conditional cash transfers to improve nutrition and promote better health and nutritional conditions, based on the Bolsa Escola model. The programme consisted of various actions grouped around two main axes, the first of which was to provide financial support to low-income families in situations of nutritional risk, giving them the means to improve their diet. The second axis aimed to raise awareness among beneficiary families of their responsibility for improving their nutritional conditions, mainly by encouraging their participation in basic health actions, with a predominantly preventive focus. In 2003, the programme ceased to exist and became part of the newly created Bolsa Familia programme. It continued to provide support payments until 2009.


Target population: Families living in extreme poverty (monthly income less than BRL $90 per capita) with children aged 0 to 6 years and/or pregnant women.
Geographic scale: National
Exit strategies or criteria: When household loses eligibility. Recertification every six months.


Legal framework: MP 2,206-01; Decree 1,770 (20/09/01)
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Health
Source of funding: Federal Government of Brazil

1) Bolsa Alimentação

Recipient(s): Children aged 0 to 6 years and/or pregnant women.
Mode of transfer: Transfer according to family composition (number of children + pregnant women)
Mode of delivery: Magnetic card
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Mother
Maximum per household: One transfer per household
Conditionalities: Health: Children must comply with the vaccination schedule; Mothers must attend pre and post-natal checks.
Others: Participate in educational activities organized by the health center.


The Impact of the Bolsa Alimentação Programme on Food Consumption

Author: Olinto, Pedro, Rafael Flores, Saul Morris and Alinne Veiga
Date: 2003
Publication info: IDB (draft) [online]
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact on consumption




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