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Non-Contributory Old-Age Pension (1982-)



Date: 1982-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The non-contributory old-age pension is targeted to help the older people and the blind or deaf mute who do not earn a sufficient income. In order to receive this pension, the participant should meet the age and residency criteria as indicated and should not be in receipt of any other kind of pension from local or external entities. Persons who are under imprisonment are exempt from the support.


Target population: 1) Persons who have attained the pensionable age and do not qualify for retirement support.
2) Blind or deaf mute persons of age 18
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Categorical : Requirements for age (pensionable age specified in the law; 18 years or more for the blind or deaf mute), and permanent residency.
2) Means test
Instrument of selection:
Registry of recipients:
Exit strategies or criteria:
Comments: The lawful pensionable age is specified as 66 years and 6 months for 2017 and 67 years in 2018. The residency requirement is 12 years since attaining the age of 40 years or an aggregate of 20 years since attaining the age of 18 years for citizens of Barbados, and 15 years since attaining the age of 40 years or an aggregate of 20 years since attaining the age of 18 years for permanent residents. If a blind or deaf mute person has a source of income that exceeds BB$ 30.00 per week, that person is disqualified for the pension. Also, the recipients should not be absent from Barbados for more than 6 months during any one of continuous period of 12 months. Persons who are in-patients in institutions that are maintained by the government are not entitled to the pension.


Legal framework: Sections 21A and 50 of the National Insurance and Social Security Act
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Labour & Social Security and Human Resource Development
Executing organization(s): National Insurance Scheme
Responsible organization(s) for the registry of recipients: Offices of National Insurance Board
Source of funding: National Insurance Scheme, Consolidated Fund

1) Non-Contributory Old-age Pension (NCOAP)

Recipient(s): Persons at pensionable age or persons who are blind or deaf mute of age 18 or older.
Mode of transfer: Monetary
Mode of delivery:
Periodicity of delivery: Weekly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Maximum per household:
Conditionalities: --
Sanctions: --
Amount : BB$145.00 per week ; see data Excel format




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