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120 a los 65: Programa Especial de Transferencia Económica a los Adultos Mayores (2009-) (120 to 65: Special programme of economic assistance for the elderly) (2009-)



Date: 2009-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: It is a special program of cash transfers to older people (men and women) consisting in the delivery of 100 balboas for persons who are age 65 or older, without retirement or pension.


Target population: Older people who are age 65 or older, without retirement or pension
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Geographic: Residence in the country
2) Categorical: Old people over 65 year or older, without any pension or retirement benefits.
Instrument of selection: The Vulnerability Census by the Oportunities Network, voluntary registration at MIDES offices, Community Boards and Social Security Fund.
Registry of recipients: Single Registry of Beneficiaries (RUB)
Exit strategies or criteria:
Comments: Older people that receive the transfer from Opportunities Network or receive the Social Welfare Fund, will be transferred to the Programme "100 a los 65". Since 2013 the survey for older adults in vulnerability conditions is used to select new participants of the programme.


Legal framework: Law 44 (2009); Law 86 (2010); Resolution No 225 (2013); Law 673 (2014)
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Social Development
Executing organization(s): Ministry of Social Development
Responsible organization(s) for the registry of recipients: Regional and Provincial Offices of Ministry of Social Development (Mides)
Source of funding: National Treasury, Special Fund for Older people without retirement or pension.

1) Bono (Grant)

Recipient(s): All participants of the programme
Mode of transfer: Monetary
Mode of delivery: Cash Delivery / Cash withdrawal
Periodicity of delivery: Bimonthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct recipient or representative
Maximum per household:
Conditionalities: *Health: Health check ups attendance
*Others: participation in counseling activities and medical orientation.
Sanctions: Suspension of the component in case of use of money in gambling, alcohol, drugs and narcotics.
Comments: Because of the detection of high-income recipients, the law was reshaped to improve internal controls and data matching of recipients to improve the programme targeting.
Amount : PAB$ 120; see Data Excel format




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