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Programme of Food Support for Adults over 68 years old living in Mexico City (2001-)



Date: 2001-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: This programme started on 2001 covering people over 70 years old. In 2009, the coverage was extended to adults over 68 years old. Nowadays, 92% of older residents in Mexico City are receiving this pension, which represents the only source of income for 29% of women and 15% of men. The amount of the transfer is equivalent to half of the minimum wage of Mexico City. The programme also considers social workers' visits to monitor the recipients.


Target population: Adults 68 years of age or older living in Mexico City
Geographic scale: Local (Mexico D.F)
Targeting method: Categorical: Adults 68 years of age or older living in Mexico City
Instrument of selection: Self-selection: Registration of recipients in the offices of Institute for Aid to the Older people in the Federal District
Registry of recipients: Recipient Census
Exit strategies or criteria:
Comments: 2019 was the last year that the program operated solely in the City of Mexico. As of 2019, the program was transferred to the federal level. 3 years of residence in Mexico City is required. If the participant can not register on his/her own, this process can be done by a voluntary representative, upon presentation of the identification documents of the participant and the representative.


Legal framework: Law Establishing the Right to the Food Pension for Older Adults Sixty Eight Years, Living in the Federal District (2003)
Responsible organization(s): Secretariat for Inclusion and Social Welfare (SIBISO)
Executing organization(s):
Source of funding: Mexico City Government

1) Food Pension Card

Recipient(s): All older people participants
Mode of transfer: Todos los adultos mayores participantes del programa.
Mode of delivery: Magnetic Card
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Maximum per household: Does not have
Conditionalities: Older adults registered in the Register of Beneficiaries. In the case of financial support for walking, which is granted to the representative of the participant when he/she dies.
Sanctions: If the recipient is not found at home by the social worker for three consecutive times; Provision of false information; Impossibility to receive the pension through a representative, in case of dementia or disability of the older person; Non-compliance of the agreements signed in the Letter of Commitment.
Amount : MXN $1,275 in 2019


2) Credit

Recipient(s): All older people participants
Mode of transfer:
Mode of delivery: Support for program participants that allow them to join the National Financial System
Periodicity of delivery:
Recipient of the transfer:
Sanctions: Actions to alleviate the deterioration of the physical and mental health of the participants, according to the following participation techniques: growth groups, clubs and workshops or information sessions.
Comments: Dues amount should not be higher than 30% of pension amounts. The institution responsible of the implementation is the Institute for Care of Older People in the Federal District.
Description: There are a new offer of loans directed to participants with no necessity of guarantee. The credit must be paid in12, 24 or 36 payments, and the maximum amount is 5,000 Mexican pesos (324 dollars) and a monthly interest rate of 1.8%. This component seeks to guarantee the access of older people to economic rights and the improvement of health conditions and feeding.
Amount : nan


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Author: Social Development Secretary
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Link: See Webpage
Topic: Operating Rules


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Author: Tavano, Loredana
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Transferencias no contributivas a personas mayores. Análisis comparativo de dos programas: 70 y más y pensión alimentaria de la Ciudad de México

Author: Atenea Flores-Castillo
Date: 2013
Publication info: ECLAC
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Topic: Programme description / Rights based-approach analysis




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