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Great Mission in Elder Love (2011- )



Date: 2011-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The programme seeks to ensure protection, inclusion, respect, welfare, and social justice to older people, with special attention to those who live in households with earnings lower than the minimum income. The Mission provides training and participation on cultural and socio productive developments to older people, through programmes of social tourism, health, and access to the financial system.


Target population: Adults older than 55 (women) and 60 (men) years old, nationals or foreigners with legal residence during the last 10 years.
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Categoric: Adults older than 55 (women) and 60 (men) years old. Priority given to people with disability or those who suffer an illness that prevents them from being autovalentes, and people over 80 years old.
2) Direct means tests: Family earnings lower than minimum income.
Instrument of selection:
Registry of recipients:
Exit strategies or criteria:


Legal framework: Decree Nº 8,694.
Responsible organization(s): Vicepresidency of Social Development and Missions Revolution
Executing organization(s): Superior Body of the Great Mission in Venezuela for Older Love
Source of funding: Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

1) Non-contributory old age pension

Recipient(s): Adults older than 55 (women) and 60 (men) years old.
Mode of transfer: Flat transfer.
Mode of delivery: Cash withdrawal.
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly.
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Maximum per household: Does not have
Comments: Priority is given to people with disability, dependent people due to sicknesses, and seniors.
Amount :




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