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Bonosol “Bono Solidario“ (1997-2007)



Date: 1997-2007
Description: This cash transfer programme for older people is the predecessor of the Renta Dignidad programme. It was created in 1996 as a social compensation for the privatization process of public companies. It consisted on a non contributory pension aiming to protect the incomes for the elderly over 65. Despite the universality of the coverage, the programme was restricted to the cohort of people born before 1974, based on the financing estimations coming from the capitalization process. This programme was interrupted between 1998 and 2002, period in which it was replaced by the Bolivida programme, whose transfers were much lower (USD$60). Bonosol ended in 2007.


Target population: Everyone aged 65 or above.
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: Universal, but restricted to the cohort aged 21 and over in 1995 (people born before 1974). The progressive extinction of the programme was expected from 2039.
Instrument of selection:
Registry of recipients:
Exit strategies or criteria: Lifetime


Legal framework: Law 1792 (1996); Decree 24576 (1997); Law 2427 (2002)
Responsible organization(s): Authority of Monitoring and Social Control of Pensions (AP)
Executing organization(s): Pension Fund Managment
Source of funding: Resources from the privatization of public companies (Corani, Guarachi, Valle Hermoso, Entel, Ferroviaria Andina, Ferroviaria oriental, Lloyd aéreo boliviano, Petrolera Andina, Petrolera Chaco, Transredes)

1) Pensión (Pension)

Recipient(s): Everyone aged 65 or over.
Mode of transfer: Flat transfer
Mode of delivery: Cash withdrawal
Periodicity of delivery: Annually
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Maximum per household: 12 payments
Conditionalities: Does not have
Comments: The payments are cumulative
Amount :


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