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Pension for Older People (Pensión para Adultos Mayores) (ex "70 and over" programme)



Date: 2007-2018
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The programme aims at improving the living conditions of adults aged 70 and over (older people) through actions aimed at fostering their social protection.


Target population: Adults 65 years of age or older
Geographic scale: National. Locations with up to 30,000 inhabitants.
Targeting method: Geographic. Identify locations that have population of up to 30,000 inhabitants, according to the list of localities authorized by SEDESOL (Catalogue of Key Federal Entities, Municipalities and Towns). Since 2012, the programme is also implemented in localities over 30.000 inhabitants with a priority for those that present higher levels of poverty concentration and until the budget disponibility allows it.
Instrument of selection: Single Socio-economic Data Questionnaire (CUIS)
Registry of recipients: Integrated Government Programme Registration System (SIIPP-G)
Exit strategies or criteria:
Comments: Participation in the programme is incompatible with being recipient of the Older People's Support from "Oportunidades".


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL), General Division of Care for Priority Groups (DGAGP)
Executing organization(s): General Division of Care for Priority Groups (DGAGP)
Source of funding: Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL)

1) Apoyos económicos directos (Direct financial support)

Recipient(s): All older adults participating in the program.
Mode of transfer: Monetary
Mode of delivery: Delivery of cash
Periodicity of delivery: Bimonthly
Recipient of the transfer: Older adults registered in the Register of Beneficiaries. In the case of financial support for walking, which is granted to the representative of the participant when he/she dies.
Maximum per household: Does not have
Sanctions: Suspension of transfer in case of improper use (sale, loan or use for partisan or electoral purposes, among others) of the document that accredits you as a recipient of the Programme.
Amount : $525 monthly and one time only financial support of $1,000 to the representative of the recipient when the participant dies; see data Excel format


2) Acciones para aminorar el deterioro de la salud física y mental (Actions to mitigate the deterioration of physical and mental health)

Recipient(s): Older people in places with coverage of the Social Network.
Description: Actions aimed at reducing the deterioration of the physical and mental health of the participants, according to the following participation techniques: growth groups, clubs and conferences or information sessions.


3) Acciones para la protección social (Actions for social protection)

Recipient(s): Older people, according to the criteria or requirements established by the institutions that offer the services.
Description: Services to mitigate the risk of loss of income or health, such as: ID of the INAPAM, productive and occupational activities, promotion of access to health services, and caring for disabilities.


4) Apoyo a la Inclusión Financiera (Support for financial inclusion)

Recipient(s): Recipients who join the support delivery scheme through electronic transfers.
Mode of transfer: Electronic card
Mode of delivery: Electronic card
Amount : Maximum amount of MN$ 300.


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