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Non-contributory Social Protection Programmes Database
Latin America and the Caribbean
About this database

This database collects information on labour and productive inclusion programmes targeting persons living in poverty or vulnerability. These programmes are characterized by interventions in the areas of labour training, adult education, direct and indirect employment generation, support to micro entrepreneurship and labour intermediation services.

This database provides data on investment, coverage and –when it applies– amount of the monetary transfers, as well as detailed information on the different components of labour and productive inclusion programmes in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

This database has been developed by the Social Development Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in the framework of the Social Component of the ECLAC-BMZ/giz project “Recover better: Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic consequences in Latin America and the Caribbean”, the project "Time for equality: Strengthening the Institutional Framework of Social Policies" financed by the United Nations Development Account; and the project “Social inequality and the future of workers in Latin America in the context of post-pandemic recovery” with the Ford Foundation. The "Promoting equality: Strengthening the capacity of select developing countries to design and implement equality-oriented public policies and programmes" project financed by the United Nations Development Account and the ECLAC-Government of Norway cooperation programmes "Education for equality in Latin America and the Caribbean" and “Enhancing human capacities throughout the life cycle for equality and productivity” have contributed to the update of the information.

Data have been obtained from official country documents, unless other sources are cited.

For complementary documentation, please access the ECLAC document prepared in 2011 in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Organisation of American States (OAS), titled "Social protection and employment generation" (available in Spanish only). The ECLAC-ILO document "The employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Conditional transfer programmes and the labour market" was prepared in 2014 with information from this database. Likewise, this database was the main source of information for the book "Social programmes, poverty eradication and labour inclusion: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean", published in 2019.

For citations, please refer to "Non-contributory social protection programmes database, Social Development Division, ECLAC". Please send comments and suggestions to the following email address:  desarrollosocial@un.org



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