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Latin America and the Caribbean
About this database

This website gathers information on labor inclusion programs implemented by the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean aimed at young people and adults of working age who are in a situation of poverty, vulnerability, or social exclusion. These programs are characterized by actions to increase labor market insertion, expecting that this inclusion will take place under decent working conditions, i.e., with access to social protection, productive employment that generates an income above the poverty line and security in the workplace. The components of these programs include mechanisms for job training and education, remedial education, direct and indirect generation of employment, support for micro-enterprises, and labor intermediation services.

The information collected includes data on the characteristics and institutional framework of the programs, as well as quantitative information on expenditure, coverage and -where applicable or available- amounts of monetary transfers associated with these programs. Detailed information is included on the different components of the labor inclusion programs identified. These data have been obtained from documents, official country records, and other secondary sources, which are detailed in each of the program fact sheets.

This database has been prepared by the Social Development Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) within the framework of the Social Component of the ECLAC/BMZ-GIZ project "Recover better – Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic consequences in Latin America and the Caribbean"; of the project "Time for equality: Strengthening the Institutional Framework of Social Policies" funded by the United Nations Development Account; and the project "Social Inequality and the Future of Workers in Latin America in the Context of Post-Pandemic Recovery" with the Ford Foundation. The project "Promoting equality: Strengthening the capacity of select developing countries to design and implement equality-oriented public policies and programmes" financed by the United Nations Development Account and the ECLAC-Government of Norway cooperation programs "Education for equality in Latin America and the Caribbean" and "Enhancing human capacities throughout the life cycle for equality and productivity" have also contributed to updating the information.

The ECLAC-ILO document "Employment Situation in Latin America and the Caribbean:Conditional transfer programs and the labor market" in 2014, together with the document "Social programs, overcoming poverty and labor inclusion" prepared in 2019, which can be consulted on the ECLAC website.

To cite please use: ECLAC (2023) "Database of non-contributory social protection programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, Social Development Division, ECLAC". Retrieved from https://dds.cepal.org/bpsnc/inicio

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