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National First Job Stimulus Programme (Programa Nacional de Estímulo ao Primeiro Emprego) (2003-2007)



Date: 2003-2007
Description: The First Job National Programme is a set of actions designed to create jobs and prepare young people for a better integration into the labor market. The PNPE encourages companies to hire young people, by paying a financial incentive of R $ 1,500 per year for each vacancy created. These vacancies must be aimed primarily at young people between 16-24 years without work experience and attending courses of primary (leveling) and secondary education or and belong to a family with per capita income up to half the minimum wage. In addition, young people are trained through organizations.


Target population: Youths between 16 to 24 years, unemployed and attending courses secondary basic education (leveling) or and belonging to a family with per capita income of up to half the minimum wage
Area of intervention: Indirect job creation
Geographic scale: National
Comments: Employers interested in participating must sign an agreement to be bound to a care unit of the National Employment System (SINE), assuming the commitment to create jobs. In addition to the registration agreement, the employer must submit certificates in order to verify the regularity of taxes and contributions payments.


Legal framework: Law 10.748/2003 , Law 10.940/2004 , Decree 5.199/2004.
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Labour and Employment
Executing organization(s): National Employment System Agencies (SINE), Regional Labor Offices (DRT) and Social Partnerships for Youth (CSJ)
Source of funding: Government of Brazil

1) Subsidy

Recipient(s): Companies registered in the programme
Periodicity of delivery: Bimonthly
Recipient of the transfer: Company
Comments: Companies can participate in the program through the line of social responsibility by hiring young people registered without receiving the fiscal incentive (and in this case, be certified as a partner company for the First Job Program).
Description: It could register as an employer any company or individual who commit to the creation of new jobs for young people and also certify the regularity of the payment of taxes and contributions to the Guarantee Fund for Time Service (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço -FGTS), the National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social-INSS), the Tax Service of the Ministry of Finance (Secretaria da Receita Federal do Ministério da Fazenda), among others. Companies with up to four workers can only receive subsidies for one young; those between 9 and 49 workers can receive the subsidy for two; while companies with 50 or more workers can receive the subsidy to the equivalent of 20% of workers on the payroll. The company receives six bimonthly payments by R $ 250.
Amount : R$250


2) Training

Recipient(s): Youths between 16 and 24 years old
Description: Youth enrolled receive social and vocational training, taking as parameters the standards established by the National Training Plan, which among its activities include the digital inclusion or learning of human values, ethics and citizenship, career guidance, environmental education, health and quality of life; In addition, actions to promote and support remedial education. Professional development addresses activities relating to the exercise of work, entrepreneurship and awareness of labor rights. Youth receives transportation and food vouchers, as well as a financial aid of R $ 150. If the user has time available, can provide a minimum number of hours of community service.




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