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Gran Misión Saber y Trabajo (2012- )



Date: 2012-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The Gran Misión Saber y Trabajo is a tool created to favour the creation of employment. It gathers the experience of the Misión Vuelvancaras, merged with the Misión Che Guevara, as part of the reorganization plan of the National Missions System. The goal set by the Government is to generate three million new jobs until 2018. In addition, the programme seeks to generate the social, legal and political conditions of a new territorial and productive model that allows the organization of workers, the participation of new social actors and a new political culture.


Target population: Young people and adults
Area of intervention: 1) Technical and vocational training
2) Labour intermediation services


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Vice-Presidency of the Republic
Executing organization(s): Vice-Presidency of the Republic
Source of funding: Government of Venezuela

1) Registration of needs and job offer system

Recipient(s): Youth and adults in vulnerability


2) Creation of a new legal and institutional framework

Description: This component seeks to open the conceptual debate on the work organization model and overcome the rentier culture.


3) Creation of a training system for production



4) Definition of a socially oriented productive model





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