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Con Chamba Vivís Mejor (2014-)



Date: 2014-
Description: The programme's main objective is to generate employment, building labour competencies and developing skills within companies to meet the needs of the labour market. Programme participants must be registered with the National Employment Service of Honduras (SENAEH).


Target population: Unemployed people living in poverty and social exclusion.
Area of intervention: 1) Indirect job creation
2) Direct job creation
3) Technical and vocational training
Geographic scale: National
Instrument of selection: Single Registry of Beneficiaries of Social Programs (RUB)
Registry of recipients: Honduras National Service of Employment (SENAEH)
Comments: The company shall notify and document the dismissal or resignation of workers from the programme, either by submitting the letter of resignation or the notice of dismissal with just cause duly verified by the company (submit copy of documents).


Legal framework: Executive Decree PCM-04-2014; Executive Decree PCM-04-2015
Responsible organization(s): Presidency of the Republic
Executing organization(s): Presidency of the Republic
Source of funding: Government of Honduras

1) Con chamba vivís mejor

Recipient(s): Programme participants
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Comments: To receive the benefit, companies must have at the end of the third month 70% or more of the participating employees with whom they enrolled in the programme.
Description: Through the programme, unemployed persons will be inserted into formal employment opportunities. The programme provides participating companies with an incentive of half the minimum wage for three months, each in the amount of HNL3,646.31 for each new employee hired, which includes 2 months of subsidy for training and 1 additional month as an incentive for continued employment. In addition, companies must provide employees with an Individual Employment Contract for an indefinite period of time, register the employees with the Honduran Social Security Institute and pay the worker at least the current legal minimum wage (making up the difference of the balance contributed by the Government). In addition, participants will be able to receive training in soft skills and life skills from the National Institute for Vocational Training (INFOP).
Amount : HNL3,646.31


2) Chamba comunitaria

Recipient(s): Programme participants
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Comments: A Qualification Committee will be in charge of evaluating the projects that are oriented to the communities development and that have a greater impact on the generation of jobs
Description: Its purpose is to provide support to unemployed people who have not had access to a formal employment opportunity through the implementation of social minor projects, forest conservation or agricultural improvement projects developed in favour of the communities, with the purpose of promoting their economic and social growth, through the generation of employment. The duration of the projects is three months and can be extended only once.


3) Chambita

Recipient(s): Programme participants
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Description: It aims to provide support to unemployed people, improving their skills and competences to achieve an effective insertion into the labour market or encouraging entrepreneurship. In order to improve access to productive opportunities and employability conditions, participants can access guidance and job counselling, vocational training, certification of labour skills, technical training, professional internships, among others. Recipients receive a transport and food incentive in the amount of HNL 2,210 for periods of two months up to a maximum of three interventions; in addition, they can count on medical insurance.
Amount : HNL 2,210


4) Chamba Jóven

Recipient(s): Participants between 18 and 30 years old, high school graduated, attending university studies or unemployed already graduated.
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Description: The benefit will consist of the payment of HNL4,300 to young people who have completed secondary school and HNL6,000 for young graduates with a university degree, for a period of up to five months, working four hours a day in the company or productive units, complemented by vocational or technical training modules under the concept of dual training.
Amount : HNL4,300 (completed secondary school graduates) and HNL6,000 (young graduates with a university degree).




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