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We make future programme (Programa Hacemos Futuro) (2018- )



Date: 2018-2020
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: In February 2018 the programs Argentina Trabaja, Ellas Hacen (current Hacemos Futuro Juntas "We make future together" and Desde el Barrio were unified under the name of Hacemos Futuro. To enter this programme, participants are asked to meet the following requirements: personal information update, completion of studies and training courses enrollment. This program encourages the development of people so that they have more opportunities to enter the world of work. The program provides them with tools so that participants can be trained and improve their employability conditions.


Target population: -Citizens under the supervision of the Board of Trustees between 18 and 65 years of age.
-Argentines (natives, naturalized or by option) or foreigners with permanent residence or temporary
-Being in activity as an employer or employee (blank), retirees, pensioners both in the contributory and non-contributory systems.
-To be the owner of more than one property, or a vehicle less than 10 years old.
- Receive unemployment insurance or any National, Provincial and / or Municipal program with the exception of Universal Assignment for Child, Progress and Procreation.
Area of intervention: 1. Technical and professional training
2. Studies leveling
Geographic scale: Nationwide
Targeting method: Categorical
Comments: Priority population to be part of this programme includes population under 35 years old charged with misdemeanors. Personal information of the participants must be updated and certificates should be presented in ANSES every time they will be requested.


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Health and Social Development
Executing organization(s): Secretariat of Social Economy (Ministry of Health and Social Development)
Source of funding: Government of Argentina

1) Completion of studies

Recipient(s): Participants of the programme
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Description: Complete first and secondary education
Amount : ARS$ 4430


2) Professional training courses

Recipient(s): Participants of the programme
Recipient of the transfer: Direct recipient
Description: Professional training
Amount : ARS$ 4430


3) We make future together

Recipient(s): Unemployed women, prioritizing female heads of household with disabled children or three more dependent children, or who suffer gender violence, and live in towns and settlements or emerging neighborhoods, or are in a street situation, or belong to the trans collective
Recipient of the transfer: Woman recipient
Description: This line of action considers that these target groups constitute the "hardcore" of socio-occupational vulnerability and exclusion. The objective is to increase the access of the holders to formal education, comprehensive professional training and trades, tertiary or university careers, encourage participation in socio-community practices, promote the development of social and emotional skills and the stimulation of work skills both individually or associatively, improve the living environment and encourage its containment through support and advice in the face of critical situations and/or violence.
Amount : ARS$ 4430


Del “Argentina Trabaja - Programa Ingreso Social con Trabajo” y el “Ellas Hacen” al “Hacemos Futuro”. ¿Integralidad o desintegración de la función social del Estado?

Author: Ferrari, C. and J. Campana
Date: 2018
Publication info: Observatorio sobre Políticas Públicas y Reforma Estructural, Informe No 11, FLACSO
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Study


Programa Hacemos Futuro

Date: 2018
Publication info:
Link: See Webpage
Topic: General information




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