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I work -Support to your labour plan (Yo Trabajo -Apoyo a tu Plan Laboral) (2013- )



Date: 2013-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: "The program is addressed to people living in poverty and/or social vulnerability, who have difficulties in accessing the labor market due to low schooling and deficient development of their labor skills. For this purpose, it finances through a fund the specific services and assistance required by users to favor their labor market insertion, such as: resources for the development of human capital, basic technical assistance, support for job interviews, childcare services, promotion of self-employment and mobilization. Specifically, this fund constitutes an exclusive offer for people who are incorporated into the Social and Labor Accompaniment component of the Security and Opportunities Subsystem and who have a labor plan.


Target population: People over 18 years of age in a situation of poverty and/or vulnerability with low skills to enter the labor market, belonging to the Security and Opportunities Subsystem, with Social and Labor Accompaniment.
Area of intervention: Training
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Direct means testing (belonging to the Seguridades y Oportunidades subsystem, which corresponds to poverty and extreme poverty sub-sections of the Socioeconomic Qualification). 2) Categorical: seniority in the subsystem and previous participation in FOSIS programs.
Instrument of selection: Social Household Registry (Decree 22, 2015)
Registry of recipients: Security and Opportunity Subsystem Records
Exit strategies or criteria: Once the users have received the good and/or service and their participation in the fund has been credited.


Legal framework: Exempt Resolution No. 02460 (2012)
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Social Development and Family
Executing organization(s): The program is executed by third parties: Private for-profit organization Banks/OCAS/OTEC/PSAT/EP/other); Public Service or Institution (Banks/OCAS/OTEC/PSAT/EP/other); Public Service or Institution; Private non-profit organization (Foundation, social, community, territorial, sports, cultural, educational corporation, federation, other).
Source of funding: Government of Chile

1) Provision of access to goods and/or services

Recipient(s): 1) SS and OO Families: Beneficiaries must be members of a beneficiary family of some of the programs of the Security and Opportunities Subsystem. The prioritization criteria in this line are as follows: Those with greater seniority and Previous participation in FOSIS programs count with higher score. 2) Users of the Programs: Street, Opening Pathways or Link. The prioritization criteria for this line are as follows: Those with greater seniority and previous participation in FOSIS programs count with higher score.
Description: Elaboration of an Action Plan with each user for the acquisition of goods and/or services, for a maximum amount of $350,000 per user. This program does not finance the purchase or acquisition of inputs or materials, only goods, machinery and/or equipment.
Amount : The program provides CLP$350,000 per participant.


Social Programs Monitoring Report

Author: Ministry of Social Development and Family
Date: 2017
Publication info: Integrated Bank of Social and Non-Social Programs
Topic: Study


Evaluación de Impacto de los Programas de Empleabilidad del Fondo de Solidaridad Social (FOSIS) del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social

Author: Centro de Microdatos
Date: 2017
Publication info: Departamento de Economía, Universidad de Chile
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation




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