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Latin America and the Caribbean
Community Employment Programme (Programa de Empleo Comunitario) (2003-2016)



Date: 2003 - 2016
Description: Intended for unemployed workers who are in situation of social vulnerability. The programme seeks to promote their attendance in activities that enhance their employability and facilitate their labour inclusion.


Target population: Unemployed over 16 years in situation of vulnerability
Area of intervention: Indirect job creation
Geographic scale: National
Comments: The destinataries or their spouses should not be getting provisional benefits or unemployment insurance, neither be engaged in other employment/ training programmes (national, provincial or municipal) nor Programa Jefes de Hogar. Only can participate who receive transport and food allowance.


Legal framework: Resolution 7/2003 of the MTEySS Resolution NÂș 44/2011 of the Secretariat of Labour Resolution 21/2015 Resolution 61/2016
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security
Executing organization(s): Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security
Source of funding: Government of Argentina

1) Protection of Jobs

Recipient(s): Unemployed over 16 years
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct recipient
Conditionalities: The participant must work (between four and six hours daily) in a project submitted by a responsible body.
Description: Intended to provide temporary employment to unemployed workers in vulnerable situations through the implementation of various activities to improve their employability and quality of life of their own community. The main activities of the projects to be considered are: services, construction, production, rural, school completion and job training. Projects can last between 1 to 12 months, 4-6 hours per day.
Amount : AR$150




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