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Jamaica Youth Employment Network (2005- )



Date: 2005-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: It pursues youth employment promotion through support activities targeting young people, advocacy, and knowledge building and sharing. The JYEN is developed around four areas, which are: employment creation; employability; entrepreneurship and equal opportunity. It targets youths living in rural areas and in situations of vulnerability. The programme is under the tutelage of the Jamaica Employer's Federation but works in collaboration with other public and private entities.


Target population: Disadvantaged young people, in particular young people in rural communities, young people with disabilities, young people living with HIV and AIDS, young people in inner city communities, early school leavers and young people working on the street.
Area of intervention: 1) Technical and professional training
2) Labour intermediation services
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: Categorical


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Jamaica Employer's Federation
Executing organization(s): Jamaica Employer's Federation
Source of funding: Public and private funds



Cooperation with:

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