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Indigenous Micro-Entrepreneurship (Former Generation of Urban Indigenous Micro-Entrepreneurship Program) (2006- )



Date: 2006-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The program seeks to increase the capacity to generate autonomous resources of people belonging to indigenous peoples, who are active users of the Opportunities and Security Subsystem. It is implemented by the regional offices of CONADI through a public tender. It includes training for all beneficiaries of the program, which consists of group workshops to develop entrepreneurial skills and competencies and acquire knowledge in 4 fundamental pillars to develop an entrepreneurial project. It also integrates financing (cash contribution) for all program users, in order to acquire the necessary assets for the development of the microenterprise project. Finally, it includes technical assistance, i.e. on-site guidance and support to the users of the Program to promote the implementation and execution of the microenterprise projects.


Target population: Indigenous people recognized by Law No. 19,253, over 18 years of age who are active users of the Opportunities and Security Subsystem and who are unemployed or precariously employed, residing in the regions where the program is implemented.
Area of intervention: Support for self-employment: Training, technical advice and project financing.
Geographic scale: Does not specify regions of operation in 2021.
Targeting method: 1) Categorical: Recipients must be over 18 years of age, belong to indigenous peoples and be unemployed or precariously employed; 2) Means of direct verification, by means of membership in the Seguridades y Oportunidades subsystem (which implies membership in the poverty or extreme poverty sub-sections of the Socioeconomic Qualification).
Instrument of selection: Web or in-person application via a form
Registry of recipients: Applicant registration
Exit strategies or criteria: Failure to comply with the program, resignation or death
Comments: Changes in the intervention strategy due to the health context: Modification of deadlines: due to the effects of the pandemic on the established trade and uncertainty of product stock and price increases, the program's Financing component 2 had to be extended in order to continue the execution of resources and delivery of goods to all the beneficiaries of the Program.


Legal framework: Law No. 19,253, Exempt Decree No. 11 of April 30, 2020.
Responsible organization(s): National Indigenous Development Corporation (CONADI)
Executing organization(s): The program is executed by the regional offices of CONADI
Source of funding: Government of Chile

1) Training

Recipient(s): Recipients of the program. All applications received will be evaluated based on three criteria corresponding to: 1. technical and economic viability of the project, 2. previous experience and training of the applicant and 3. additional points according to three characteristics: a) indigenous women heads of single-parent households with or without members under 15 years of age in the family group. b) indigenous men and women residing in areas with the highest percentage of indigenous poverty. c) projects that value and transmit the material and immaterial indigenous culture.
Maximum per household: One application per household or family
Conditionalities: Not having financial or technical renditions pending with CONADI.
Sanctions: Early termination of the program in conjunction with administrative and civil or criminal actions before the Courts of Justice.
Description: Delivery of group workshops to develop entrepreneurial skills and competencies and acquire knowledge in 4 fundamental pillars to develop an entrepreneurial project: 1- Financial education 2- Management of the micro-enterprise project in the urban/rural context. 3- Legal regulations 4-Others specific according to the characteristics of the projects financed.


Exempt Resolution N°383

Author: CONADI, Ministry of Social Development and Family
Date: 2022
Publication info: Office of Indigenous Affairs, Government of Chile
Topic: Legal Framework




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