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Tenonderă (2014- )



Date: 2014-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: “Tenonderă” (to move forward) seeks to contribute to socio-economic stability of the families who are in the final/exit stage of Tekoporă through productive projects and sustainable income generation, in order to overcome poverty. “Tenonderă” coordinates technical assistance and job training through partnerships among public and private institutions, and facilitates the marketing of products and services offered by the micro-enterprises. Participating families are provided with training and ongoing support.


Target population: Househoulds in the final/exit stage of the programme Tekoporă
Area of intervention: Technical training and support for self-employment
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: Categorical
Registry of recipients: Families who have already received at least 50 over 72 monetary transfers provided within the program Tekoporă


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Presidency
Executing organization(s): Ministry of Social Development
Source of funding: Government of Paraguay

1) Training

Recipient(s): Programme participant
Recipient of the transfer: Direct beneficiary
Description: Training courses aimed at strengthening productive capacities, especially in the areas of: i) business training, including financial education and business management; and ii) human development, such as self-esteem, communication, negotiation, etc.


2) Financial Support

Recipient(s): Programme participant
Recipient of the transfer: Direct beneficiary
Description: In order that families acquire the assets needed to start-up or strengthen their micro-enterprises, “Tenonderă provides specific technical assistance and makes partnerships with public and private institutions. It also establishes mechanisms to promote effective linkages with the market, to contribute to the sustainability of these businesses. Also, the household participants receive "seed capital" intended for starting their productive activities.


3) Indigenous people

Recipient(s): Indigenous families
Recipient of the transfer: Direct beneficiary
Description: Following the signing of the letter of agreement, families receive training on strategic planning, preparation of their business plan and access to seed capital fund aimed at strengthening the family's capacity for production.




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