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Training and Employment Insurance (Seguro de Capacitación y Empleo) (2006-)



Date: 2006-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The Training and Employment Insurance is part of the Plan "Más y Mejor Trabajo". It consists on an integrated scheme of benefits for no-contributory unemployment to support different people profile in their active job search, through the update to their labour skills and their insertion in better jobs. It is composed by a monthly cash transfer of ARS $225 during the first 18 months and of ARS $200 during the last 6 months.


Target population: Unemployed workers who have no access to the contributory unemployment insurance. In the first phase of the programme execution, this was also covering the participants of the Jefes y Jefas de Hogar Desocupados Programme.
Area of intervention: Remedial education (levelling of studies/second chance education)
Vocational and professional training
Support to self-employment
Geographic scale: National
Comments: The participation in the programme is 24 months.


Legal framework: Decree N° 336/2006 of Poder Ejecutivo Nacional
Resolution1100/2012 of the Secretariat of Employment
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Production and Labour
Executing organization(s): Secretariat of Government, Labour and Employment (Ministry of Production and Labour)
Source of funding: Government of Argentina

1) Training and Employment Insurance

Recipient(s): Unemployed workers who have not access to the contributory unemployment insurance.
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct recipient
Conditionalities: Attendance to one or many activities of the programme
Comments: Beside the transfer of the programme, the recipients can receive other benefits if their participate to some activities: the prize for concluding education of ARS$ 600; the prize for concluding professional training of ARS $ 900; The programme for Self-employment gives until AR$15.000 by project, the Support for Labour Insertion Programme gives until AR$ 2.300 as economic incentive for a job in the public or private sector; and the training programme until ARS $ 1.500 monthly for a job in the private sector.
Description: The Training and Employment Insurance provide a monthly benefit to its recipients reconditioned to their participation to one or many of the following activities: Completion of primary and secondary education with the delivery of a certificate of formal studies; activities of professional and labour training; services provided by the Employment Office: labour orientation; support to active job search; orientation to self-employment; participation in the labour orientation courses; professionalization of domestic jobs; training for public, NGOs and private sector`s jobs in function of the quantity of daily work hours; the Programme for Self Employment with the delivery of different benefit in function of the project.
Amount : ARS $225 during the first 18 months and of ARS $200 during the last 6 months


Effectiveness of Active Labor Market Tools in Conditional Cash Transfers Programs: Evidence for Argentina

Author: López, E. and Escudero V.
Date: 2017
Publication info: World Development, Elsevier, vol. 94(C), pages 422-447
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation




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