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Training and Employment Insurance (Seguro de Capacitación y Empleo) (2006-)



Date: 2006-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The Training and Employment Insurance is part of the Plan "Más y Mejor Trabajo". It consists of an integrated non-contributory scheme of unemployment entitlements to support different groups of people in their active job search, through the update to their labour skills and their insertion in better jobs. It is composed of a monthly cash transfer of ARS $225 during the first 18 months and ARS $200 during the last 6 months.


Target population: Unemployed workers who have no access to the contributory unemployment insurance. In the first phase of the programme execution, this was also covering the participants of the Jefes y Jefas de Hogar Desocupados Programme.
Area of intervention: Remedial education (levelling of studies/second chance education)
Vocational and professional training
Support to self-employment
Geographic scale: National
Comments: The participation in the programme is 24 months.


Legal framework: Decree N° 336/2006 of Poder Ejecutivo Nacional
Resolution1100/2012 of the Secretariat of Employment
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Production and Labour
Executing organization(s): Secretariat of Government, Labour and Employment (Ministry of Production and Labour)
Source of funding: Government of Argentina

1) Training and Employment Insurance

Recipient(s): Unemployed workers who have not access to the contributory unemployment insurance.
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct recipient
Conditionalities: Attendance to one or many activities of the programme
Comments: Beside the transfer of the programme, the participants can receive other transfers if they participate in some activities: the prize for concluding education of ARS $ 600; the prize for concluding professional training of ARS $ 900; The programme for Self-employment gives up to ARS $15.000 by project, the Support for Labour Insertion Programme gives until ARS $ 2.300 as economic incentive for a job in the public or private sector; and the training programme up to ARS $ 1.500 monthly for a job in the private sector.
Description: The Training and Employment Insurance provides a monthly cash transfer to its participants conditioned to their participation to one or many of the following activities: Completion of primary and secondary education with the delivery of a certificate of formal studies; activities of professional and labour training; services provided by the Employment Office: Labour Orientation; support to active job search; orientation to self-employment; participation in the labour orientation courses; professionalization of domestic jobs; training for public sector, NGOs and private sector's jobs based on the quantity of daily work hours; the Programme for Self Employment.
Amount : ARS $225 during the first 18 months and ARS $200 during the last 6 months


Effectiveness of Active Labor Market Tools in Conditional Cash Transfers Programs: Evidence for Argentina

Author: López, E. and Escudero V.
Date: 2017
Publication info: World Development, Elsevier, vol. 94(C), pages 422-447
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation




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