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I work -Youth (Yo Trabajo- Jóvenes) (2007- )



Date: 2007-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The programme is aimed at young people living in poverty and/or social vulnerability who have difficulties in developing their productive capacities. In order to improve the employability conditions and achieve the integration of young people into the labour market, technical advice on job training, the development of a plan for accessing the labour market and support for integration into the labour market are provided. It is a prerequisite to have started basic education (at least). The programme also offers the possibility to develop a project for self-employment. The programme has a maximum duration of 7 months and offers a support of CLP$180.000 for the work plan.


Target population: Young people, preferably between 18 and 29 years of age, unemployed (unemployed and looking for work for the first time), inactive or in precarious work and with a Social Protection Card score of 8,500 points or less. They belong to the first 2 income quintiles and are in poverty or extreme poverty.
Area of intervention: Technical and professional training
Geographic scale: National
Targeting method: 1) Proxy means test 2) Categoric: unemployed people or with precarious works
Instrument of selection: Social Household Registry (Decree 22, 2015)
Registry of recipients: Social Household Registry
Exit strategies or criteria: Have participated in the activities of the two components of the programme.
Comments: Young people prioritised according to their Social Protection Card scores and other regional criteria. There are 1,300 places for young people coming from the Chile Solidario or Seguridades y Oportunidades Subsystem. Changes in the intervention strategy due to the health context: A remote modality was implemented, ensuring that the programme's objectives are met, the emergency execution was reduced by one month, and there were no changes in coverage.


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): FOSIS /Ministry of Social Development and Family
Executing organization(s): FOSIS /Ministry of Social Development and Family
Source of funding: Government of Chile

1) Job training

Recipient(s): All programme recipients
Recipient of the transfer: Direct recipient
Comments: Duration up to 7 months
Description: In the form of workshops, tools are provided to develop the employability skills of young people. Technical advice. This is aimed at developing a personalised plan to train skills and abilities, motivational and communicational skills so that young people can enter the labour market. The expected result is that the young people, according to their interests, skills and competences, orient their insertion plan towards an employment outcome through a formal job or independently, such as self-employment. Workshops are held in which employability competences are worked on, in which topics such as personal effectiveness and communication are developed. This is followed by a job placement plan, which is then brokered and financed according to the user's requirements.


2) Job placement or intermediation

Recipient of the transfer: All programme recipients
Comments: Duration up to 7 months
Description: Its purpose is to implement the accompaniment and follow-up of each young person's Work Insertion Plan, with priority being given to referral to a job - ideally a contract or internship - and if this is not possible, the young person should be referred to independent work insertion or self-employment. Also, as appropriate, the young person should be referred to public or private programmes that contribute to their employability (training, remedial education, apprenticeship programme, among others). This referral and accompaniment is carried out in an independent or dependent outcome. During the implementation of this component, the executor must put the young person in contact with the network of institutions that have services of interest to him/her.


Evaluación de Impacto de los Programas de Empleabilidad del Fondo de Solidaridad Social (FOSIS) del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social

Author: Centro de Microdatos
Date: 2017
Publication info: Departamento de Economía, Universidad de Chile
Link: See Webpage
Topic: Impact evaluation




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