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Godfather Entrepreneur Programme (Programa Padrino Empresario) (2000- )



Date: 2000-
Web: Official website of the programme
Description: The Godfather Entrepreneur Program is a preventive alternative aimed at adolescents (men and women) at social risk, between the ages of 15 and 17. The participants receive job training for future employment with a sponsoring company, so that once they finish their studies they will have access to a job. The program is developed jointly with private companies (more than 130 sponsoring companies as of January 2016), which provide the students with a monthly scholarship to attend the company for five days a week, for four to six hours a day.


Target population: Adolescents between 15 and 17 years of age exposed to social risk.
Area of intervention: 1) Technical and vocational training
2) Indirect job creation
Geographic scale: Urban. National.
Targeting method: Categorical: young people at social risk
Comments: The sponsoring companies receive benefits such as deduction of the investment (payments made to the participants) in 100% of income tax. In addition, there is an agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development for those companies that do not have an employment relationship with the participants due to the flexibilities provided, the company pays the scholarship to the Program, which in turn pays the young people every two weeks.


Legal framework:
Responsible organization(s): Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and Ministry of Labour Development (MITRADEL)
Executing organization(s): Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and private sector (sponsoring companies)
Source of funding: Private sector

1) Job training

Recipient(s): Programme participants
Periodicity of delivery: Monthly
Recipient of the transfer: Direct participant
Comments: Adolescents are protected with personal accident insurance (one hour before, during and one hour after working hours); they are offered comprehensive follow-up (family, school and work); upon graduation and reaching the age of majority, the company may hire them according to their performance.
Description: Participants receive training in a sponsoring company, working approximately 4 to 6 hours a day (in morning or afternoon shifts depending on the school day they attend) from Monday to Friday, in administrative areas such as: accounting, data entry in computer systems, receptionists, filing, general assistants, internal and external messaging. In addition, they receive a monthly stipend ranging from PAB$ 150 to PAB$ 225 per month, depending on the number of hours worked in the company; some companies also provide transportation and food bonuses (between PAB$ 20 and PAB$ 50 per fortnight).
Amount : PAB$ 150 - PAB$ 225




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