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Migration and skills for the low‑carbon transition


Autor institucional : Overseas Development Institute
Autor/Autores: Ipek Gens, Avery Grayson, Nathaniel Mason and Marta Foresti
Fecha de publicación: Julio 2020
Alcance geográfico: Mundial
Publicado en: Reino Unido
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Resumen: The shift to low-carbon and climate-resilient economies must urgently accelerate. It necessitates the emergence of new sectors and technologies, which in turn requires the adaptation of existing sectors and industries, as well as new occupations, skills and expertise. Migration of workers both within and between countries can offer a way to adaptively manage the labour market needs of the transition alongside appropriate skills development for those in situ, including workers in displaced, high-emissions industries. To allow this, there is a need for those working on the low-carbon transition, migration and skills development and labour markets to collaboratively address three practical and political challenges: anticipating needs, (re)skilling and facilitating mobility.



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