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Critical obstacles to inclusive social development in Latin America and the Caribbean Background for a regional agenda


Autor institucional : ECLAC
Autor/Autores: ECLAC
Fecha de publicación: September 2019
Alcance geográfico: Latinoamericano
Publicado en: Chile
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Resumen: This document emphasizes that Latin America and the Caribbean has numerous opportunities to move towards inclusive social development, linked to the civilizing and rights-based framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the related commitment assumed by the countries of the region, technological changes, the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy, and greater institutional development. However, the region also faces a number of obstacles. These include stagnation or, in some cases, reversals in indicators of poverty, extreme poverty and income inequality, as well as in the quality of employment and growing informality in the labour market. In short, the critical obstacles and emerging challenges linked to inclusive social development may be summarized in the following eight areas, which are described in more detail in this document: (i) deeply rooted poverty and vulnerability to poverty; (ii) structural, unjust and inefficient inequalities and the culture of privilege; (iii) gaps in human capacity-development —relating to education, health, nutrition— and in accessto basic services; (iv) deficits in decent work and uncertainties linked to technological changes in the world of work; (v) still partial and unequal access to social protection; (vi) a social institutional framework that is still under construction; (vii) insufficient social investment, and (viii) a set of emerging challenges, including violence, increasing exposure to disasters and the impact of climate change, demographic, epidemiological and nutritional transitions, migration and technological changes and the new capacities required by these changes.



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