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Humanitarian Policy Group Annual Report 20182019


Autor institucional : The Humanitarian Policy Group
Autor/Autores: The Humanitarian Policy Group
Fecha de publicación: Agosto 2019
Alcance geográfico: Mundial
Publicado en: Reino Unido
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Resumen: The Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) Annual Report summarises its principal research and non-research work in 20182019, during which a two-year Integrated Programme (IP) of research on local humanitarian action. It explored concepts such as "local capacity", "dignity" and "complementarity" to better inform how international and local organisations might work in mutually supporting ways. Outside of the IP, HPG continued to interrogate humanitarian system reform through our evaluation of the third year of the Grand Bargain. We undertook a major study on migration from Darfur, analysing Sudan as a country of origin, documenting the journeys Sudanese make to Europe and the policy and aid environment they face once they arrive. We took our findings to the UK Parliament and the global media to focus government and public attention on a country that receives little attention, and an issue that requires more scrutiny. It documents the tangible ways in which counter-terrorism legislation is impeding humanitarian operations in some of the world s most severe crisis contexts and analysed how bank de-risking in particular is leading to the very behaviour it is trying to avoid wasted aid money and supplies, corruption and reliance on unregulated channels to get funds to aid organisations and people. It also turned ideas for a reimagined humanitarian system into a publications series, a design tool and a podcast series to communicate these abstract ideas in more accessible formats.



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