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Legacies of Slavery. A Resource Book for Managers of Sites and Itineraries of Memory


Autor institucional : UNESCO
Autor/Autores: UNESCO
Fecha de publicación: Mayo 2019
Alcance geográfico: Mundial
Publicado en: Francia
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Resumen: This Resource Book provides useful guidance for defining good strategies and practices for the preservation and promotion of the memorial heritage related to slavery and the slave trade. It is the result of an intensive collective work, and is intended for professionals involved in the safeguarding and promotion of sites and places of memory and, more generally, to all those who wish to safeguard and raise awareness about this heritage, still unknown for many and too frequently endangered, which testifies to one of the greatest tragedies of humanity. It contains conceptual, practical and ethical information inspired by more than 40 examples of sites, itineraries and museums analyzed in different regions of the world, with a view to providing a set of strategies for the preservation, promotion and support memory tourism development.



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