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Study on the Youth Guarantee in light of changes in the world of work. Part 1 Youth Guarantee: Intervention Models, Sustainability and Relevance


Autor institucional : Comisión Europea
Autor/Autores: Marco Caliendo, Jochen Kluve, Jonathan Stöterau, y Stefan Tübbicke w
Fecha de publicación: Noviembre 2018
Alcance geográfico: Regional
Publicado en: Bélgica
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Resumen: This report synthesises the vast amount of available information on the implementation of the YG and its performance. Based on an extensive desk research in its first part, the study identifies six key aspects of YG implementation and delivery as well as background characteristics that are important determinants of YG performance across Member States: specifically, these are (1) the financial resources for implementing the YG, (2) the role of the YG as part of national policy making, (3) challenges for the youth labour market, (4) the heterogeneity of the NEET population, (5) the design and implementation features of the YG, and (6) the role of the apprenticeship system in the Youth Guarantee. The overall findings of desk research and data analysis indicate that, in sum, EU funding via the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) and the European Social Fund (ESF) played a key role in supporting YG measures financially, especially for countries suffering from simultaneously high NEET rates and a significant economic downturn or structural labour market challenges. Many of these countries increased spending on active labour market policies, which can be interpreted with caution as an indirect effect of the YG. In some Member States the YG also fostered the introduction of reforms to national youth policies, improvements in monitoring systems for youth activation policies, and the building of new partnerships. These changes are likely to outlast the YG initiative and thereby provide sustained and ongoing benefits.



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