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New Zealand and Chilean immigrant labour-stratification


Autor institucional : Bachelor of Science, Geography and International Relations - Victoria University of Wellington / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Autor/Autores: Nikita Kent
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Alcance geográfico: Interregional
Publicado en: Chile
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Resumen: The objective of this paper is to identify they key facilitators and inhibitors for the obtainment of jobs of recently arrived New Zealand and Chilean immigrant populations. The hypothesis states that certain ethnic groups take upon specific types of work, such as female Peruvian migrants as domestic workers in Chile. Interviews were conducted among immigrants to gain insight into their experiences of obtaining work in their destination country. The comparison between Chile and New Zealand immigration trends has drawn out specific factors that need to be looked at to diversify- predominantly to professionalize- immigrant labour sectors. This paper concludes that migration is a natural and historical movement which continues to be strongly determined by the geopolitical paradigm of nation- state laws (immigration policy) and physical geography barriers. For this reason, it is recommended that governments regularly amend immigration polices according to its relevant domestic and international circumstances. Governments are also encouraged to look into progressive urban-planning measures to increase social networks among immigrants and non-immigrants, since a wider social network is positively correlated with satisfactory job obtainment and higher levels of wellbeing. Further recommendations given in this paper include ‘desegregation bussing’ to facilitate ethnic-socio-economic integration among children, and the provision of institutions dispersed throughout the state (and not only in capital cities) that help to validate qualifications or skills, and regularize entry permissions.



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