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Substance and Methods in the Comparative Study of Policy Change


Autor institucional : Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis
Autor/Autores: Guy Peters, Guillaume Fontaine y José-Luís Méndez
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Alcance geográfico: Internacional
Publicado en: Estados Unidos
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Resumen: The purpose of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis is to foster theory-building and theory-testing from a comparative perspective, which is important intellectually and practically as a means of learning about and improving public policy. Studying policy change is one of those research endeavors where substance and methods are tightly related. It is a comparative exercise per se since change may involve variation across time, space and policy areas. In this special issue, we present a collection of studies on Latin America, as cases of policy change and continuity over the past three decades. After supporting the choice of this region with a discussion of some its features and a presentation of the articles of this issue, in this Introduction we would discuss some questions related to policy change as well as the methodological implications for small-N comparisons in policy studies.



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