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Reducing inequalities in Europe: How industrial relations and labour policies can close the gap


Autor institucional : OIT
Autor/Autores: Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead (Ed.)
Fecha de publicación: Abril 2018
Alcance geográfico: Regional
Publicado en: Suiza
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Resumen: his edited volume highlights that the sources of growing inequality emerge from mechanisms in the world of work. International debate has recently focused on increased income inequalities and the adverse effects they may have on both social and economic developments. This book examines the possible role of social dialogue and the social partners and more generally industrial relations in reducing inequalities. It addresses wage inequality as well as inequalities in the distribution of working time and access to jobs, training and career opportunities, social protection and pensions. Chapters give evidence from individual countries and a policy discussion at the European level identifies ways to carry out necessary transformations without generating further inequalities and social exclusion.



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