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Atlas of Social Innovation. New Practices for a Better Future.


Autor institucional : Sozialforschungsstelle, TU Dortmund University: Dortmund.
Autor/Autores: Howaldt, Jürgen / Kaletka, Christoph / Schröder, Antonius / Zirngiebl, Marthe
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Alcance geográfico: Mundial
Publicado en: Alemania
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Resumen: The "Atlas of Social Innovation" offers a comprehensive overview of the world of Social Innovation in a lucid way. It is featuring the manifold results of SI-DRIVE as well as the perspectives of leading experts. It gives insights into the various types of social innovations in different world regions and policy areas, delivering new intelligence on the diversity of approaches used by different actors involved. As Social Innovation is a dynamic and vibrant phenomenum, the Atlas of Social Innovation is also open for new perspectives which can be submitted using our form.



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