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Citizenship or Charity: the two paradigms of social protection


Autor institucional : Pathways Perspectives on social policy in international development
Autor/Autores: Stephen Kidd
Fecha de publicación: Octubre 2017
Alcance geográfico: Mundial
Publicado en: Chile
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Resumen: A helpful way of predicting the likely impact and political reception of schemes is to examine the two very different paradigms within which those building social protection systems operate. On the one hand is a CITIZENSHIP paradigm, which emanates from an understanding that social security is a right for all citizens; and, on the other is a CHARITY paradigm, which conceptualises social protection as handouts to "the poor". Indeed, the debates we often hear on, for example, levels of financing,targeting, the use of conditions or the value of workfare are, in reality, debates about the pros and cons of these two paradigms.



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