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Integrated approaches to combating poverty and social exclusion. Best practices from EU Member States


Autor institucional : Comisión Europea
Autor/Autores: Comisión Europea
Fecha de publicación: Junio 2016
Alcance geográfico: Regional
Publicado en: Bélgica
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Resumen: This booklet contains a collection of innovative best practices from all over Europe for integrated approaches to combat poverty and social exclusion. An integrated approach means looking at the individual (or household) situation from a broad perspective – ranging from a lack of income to social exclusion. It also implies recognition of the role of, and consequences for, a whole range of life-domains such as employment, health and long-term care, education and housing. And it requires constructive cooperation with all the parties involved, in the public, private and civil society spheres. Finally, an integrated approach is characterised by comprehensive, continuous and coordinated intervention tailored to the respective life-domains – thereby providing a single point of contact. The best practices in this booklet illustrate the value of an integrated approach for different vulnerable groups, such as children, migrants, people with disabilities, elderly people, young people, the unemployed, people with a migrant background and homeless people.



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