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Main social protection databases developed by ECLAC and other sources.

ECLAC Databases

Database of non-contributory social protection programmes: Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes (CCT)
Database of non-contributory social protection programs:
Social pensions
Database of non-contributory social protection programs:
Labour and Productive Inclusion Programmes

Databases by other agencies

- ASPIRE, The Atlas of Social Protection (World Bank)
- Social Protection (ILO)
- Social Protection Knowledge Sharing Gateway (IPC-IG/UNDP)
- International Social Security Association (ISSA)
- Social pensions database
- Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database
- Linking social protection and human rights (UNRISD)
- Social Assistance Explorer (University of Manchester)

Country Databases

- Chile: Integrated Database of projects in Chile
- Chile: Integrated Database of Social Programmes (BIPS)
- Colombia: National System for the Evaluation of Management and Results (SINERGIA)
- Ecuador: Interconnected Registry of Social Programmes
- México: Social programs in México
- Mexico: National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL)


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