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Social protection is and has been a major topic of debate and policy on the Latin American public agenda. ECLAC’s Social Development Division’s social protection site seeks to collect and disseminate the work done and the knowledge accumulated by us and other institutions on matters of social protection and has been developed in the framework of the following projects:

  •  "Strengthening Regional Knowledge Networks to Promote the Effective Implementation of the United Nations Development Agenda and to Assess Progress" (ROA/161-7) UN Development Account. It aims to strengthen national development strategies through knowledge sharing at regional level, in particular those relating to the first Millennium Development Goal.

  •  "Social Pact for More Inclusive Social Protection", funded by BMZ / GIZ, which aims to promote the development of inclusive social protection systems in Latin American countries and the Caribbean through social pacts.

  • "Time for equality: Strengthening the Institutional Framework of Social Policies" (ROA/235-8) UN Development Account, which aims at promoting social protection policies and institutional arrangements that contribute to reduce poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

We hope this site contributes to the exchange of data and experiences for researchers, analysts and policy decision makers in the region.


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