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Country or territory Name of measure Principal measure Date announced
Peru CONTIGO program - increased coverage (Aumento cobertura programa CONTIGO) Cash transfer 9/8/2020
Peru Yanapay Peru Grant (Bono Yanapay Perú) Cash transfer 8/20/2021
Peru Temporary Intervention to Support the productive development of rural households with a subsistence economy - Haku Wiñay 'Express' In-kind transfer 8/10/2020
Peru Temporary Support for the Strengthening of Child Development - Grant of 200 soles for children (Apoyo Temporal para el fortalecimiento del Desarrollo Infantil - Bono 200 soles para niños y niñas). Cash transfer 8/10/2020
Peru Second Universal Family Grant (Segundo Bono Familiar Universal) Cash transfer 8/1/2020
Peru Orphanage Grant (Bono Orfandad) Economic Assistance for Orphans due to COVID-19 Cash transfer 7/28/2020
Peru Electricity Grant (Bono de Electricidad) Basic services 7/27/2020
Peru Allowance for independent cultural workers (Subsidio para trabajadores culturales independientes) Cash transfer 5/21/2020
Peru Advanced transfer to users of the JUNTOS National Programme of Direct Support to the Poorests (Programa Nacional de Apoyo Directo a los Más Pobres - JUNTOS) Cash transfer 4/7/2020
Peru Universal Family Grant (Bono Universal Familiar) Cash transfer 4/26/2020
Peru Grant for independent workers (Bono para independientes) Cash transfer 4/2/2020
Peru Rural Grant (Bono rural) Cash transfer 4/19/2020
Peru Financial assistance for Venezuelan migrants (Apoyo económico para migrantes venezolanos) Cash transfer 4/1/2020
Peru Adaptation of the services of the 'Cuna Más' programme (Adecuación de los servicios del programa 'Cuna Más') In-kind transfer 4/1/2020
Peru Qali Warma food distribution programme (Repartición de alimentos de Qali Warma) In-kind transfer 3/31/2020
Peru Additional discount voucher for the purchase of gas cylinders (Vale de descuento adicional para compra de gas) In-kind transfer 3/31/2020
Peru Food Basket (Canasta de Alimentos) In-kind transfer 3/27/2020
Peru Yo me quedo en casa (I’m staying at home) grant (also known as Bono 760 soles or Bono Urbano) Cash transfer 3/22/2020
Peru Support Network for Seniors at High Risk and People with Severe Disabilities - Amachay Network In-kind transfer 3/15/2020
Peru Non-contributory pensions – Pension 65 and CONTIGO (double advanced payment) [Pensiones no-contributivas Pensión 65 y CONTIGO (doble pago de manera anticipada)] Cash transfer 3/14/2020
Peru 600 soles grant (Bono 600 soles) Cash transfer 2/17/2021
Country or territoryName of measurePrincipal measureDate announced


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