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Country or territory Name of measure Principal measure Date announced
Jamaica Buy-Back Programme In-kind transfer 9/9/2021
Jamaica COVID-19 relief voucher through 'Food For the Poor Jamaica' Cash transfer 8/26/2021
Jamaica Back-to-School Grant Cash transfer 8/13/2020
Jamaica 5-Year Digital Skills Programme In-kind transfer 7/31/2021
Jamaica Relief initiative for tourism workers Payment facilities 6/29/2021
Jamaica National Summer School Programme In-kind transfer 6/13/2021
Jamaica Food Kits In-kind transfer 5/31/2021
Jamaica Dignity kit packages In-kind transfer 4/2/2020
Jamaica Electricity service Basic services 3/28/2020
Jamaica Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) (50% increase in the regular amount of the transfer) Cash transfer 3/25/2020
Jamaica COVID-19 Compassionate Grant - CARE Programme Cash transfer 3/23/2020
Jamaica Mortgage relief Payment facilities 3/19/2020
Jamaica Welfare packages In-kind transfer 3/18/2020
Jamaica Covid-19 Student Loan Relief - CARE Programme Payment facilities 3/17/2020
Jamaica COVID-19 General Grants - CARE Programme Cash transfer 3/17/2020
Jamaica Supporting Employees with Transfer of Cash (SET Cash) programme - CARE Programme Cash transfer 3/17/2020
Jamaica Food assistance -PATH In-kind transfer 3/16/2020
Jamaica General Consumption Tax Rate Reduction Tax relief 3/11/2020
Jamaica CARE Food Drive In-kind transfer 12/5/2021
Jamaica CARE PATH grant Cash transfer 12/5/2021
Jamaica CARE social pension grant Cash transfer 12/5/2021
Jamaica CARE NIS Grant Cash transfer 12/5/2021
Jamaica COVID-19 Cash Assistance Programme Cash transfer 12/22/2021
Jamaica World Food Programme Grant Cash transfer 11/17/2021
Jamaica One Laptop Or Tablet Per Child In-kind transfer 10/8/2020
Country or territoryName of measurePrincipal measureDate announced


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