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Country or territory Name of measure Principal measure Date announced
Chile Empowered patient program In-kind transfer 9/7/2021
Chile Project 'Spice Up Your Future in Times of Pandemic'. In-kind transfer 9/10/2021
Chile Digital Connection Plan for seniors In-kind transfer 8/27/2021
Chile Flexible conditions for credits given to Drivers (Acceso a préstamos blandos para transportistas) Payment facilities 8/18/2020
Chile Financing for Indigenous Entrepreneurs and Microentrepreneurs Cash transfer 8/17/2020
Chile Middle Class Protection Plan 1: Exceptional application process for the higher education credit (Plan de Protección Clase Media 1: Proceso excepcional de postulación al crédito para la educación superior) Payment facilities 7/5/2020
Chile Middle Class Protection Plan 2: Rent subsidy for the middle class (Plan de Protección Clase Media 2: Subsidio de arriendo a la clase media) Cash transfer 7/5/2020
Chile Middle Class Protection Plan 3: Flexible credit program for the middle class (Plan de Protección Clase Media 3: Programa de créditos para la clase media) Payment facilities 7/5/2020
Chile Middle Class Protection Plan 5: Non-refundable grant for the middle class (Plan de Protección Clase Media 5: bono no reembolsable) Cash transfer 7/14/2020
Chile IFE Universal Grant (Bono IFE Universal) Cash transfer 6/6/2021
Chile Emergency Family Income 2.0 for Covid-19 (IFE 2.0, Ingreso Familiar de Emergencia 2.0 por Covid-19) Cash transfer 6/14/2020
Chile Bonus for cultural workers Cash transfer 5/26/2022
Chile Mobile Dental Clinic In-kind transfer 5/19/2021
Chile Food for Chile programme (Alimentos para Chile) In-kind transfer 5/18/2020
Chile Support Programme for Students with Disabilities in Institutions of Higher Education In-kind transfer 4/7/2021
Chile Emergency Family Income for Covid-19 (Ingreso Familiar de Emergencia por Covid-19, IFE) Cash transfer 4/20/2020
Chile Payment facilities and postponements for lighting, water and internet bills (Facilidades y postergación del pago de luz, agua e internet) Payment facilities 3/27/2020
Chile Protection for homeless persons – Protected Winter (Protección a personas en situación de calle - Invierno Protegido) In-kind transfer 3/24/2020
Chile Tax relief measure for debts owed to the General Treasury of the Republic (Alivio para el tratamiento de deudas tributarias con la Tesorería General de la República) Tax relief 3/19/2020
Chile Temporary reduction of stamp tax to 0% (Reducción transitoria del impuesto timbre y estampillas a 0%) Payment facilities 3/19/2020
Chile COVID-19 Emergency Grant (Bono de Emergencia COVID-19) Cash transfer 3/19/2020
Chile Healthy Food Delivery to Community Pots (Entrega de Alimentos Saludables a Ollas Comunes) In-kind transfer 3/18/2021
Chile Junaeb Basket (Canasta Junaeb) In-kind transfer 3/16/2020
Chile Solidarity Loan 2021 (Préstamo Solidario 2021) Payment facilities 3/11/2021
Chile Rental Subsidy 2021 (Subsidio al Arriendo 2021) Cash transfer 3/11/2021
Chile Solidarity Loan for Pensioners (Préstamo Solidario para Pensionados) Payment facilities 3/11/2021
Chile Covid Christmas Grant (Bono Covid Navidad) Cash transfer 11/27/2020
Chile Organizations in Action (Organizaciones en Acción) Cash transfer 11/17/2020
Chile Delivery of sanitary protection elements to long-stay centers for older persons. In-kind transfer 10/19/2021
Chile IFE-COVID Extended Grant (former IFE COVID (IFE-Quarantine and IFE-Transition) [Bono IFE-COVID Ampliado (ex Bono IFE-COVID (IFE-Cuarentena e IFE-Transición)] Cash transfer 1/7/2021
Chile COVID Grant (IFE-Preparation and Opening) (Bono COVID (IFE-Preparación y Apertura)) Cash transfer 1/7/2021
Chile Delivery of tablets to users of the Abriendo Caminos programme In-kind transfer 1/22/2021
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