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Country or territory Name of measure Principal measure Date announced
Brazil Caixa Tem Credit Payment facilities 9/27/2021
Brazil Food donation from the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Abras) In-kind transfer 9/20/2021
Brazil Nutritional reinforcement and fight against obesity in children and pregnant women of Bolsa Família In-kind transfer 5/11/2021
Brazil Payment exemption of electricity bills for low income families (Exención de pago de energía eléctrica a familias de bajos recursos) Basic services 4/8/2020
Brazil Food purchases from family farmers (Alimenta Brasil Programme) In-kind transfer 4/24/2020
Brazil Delivery of food baskets to indigenous families (Distribución de canastas de alimentos a familias indígenas) In-kind transfer 4/13/2020
Brazil Emergency assistance to indigenous families under the Bolsa Família family allowance programme (Ayuda de emergencia a familias indígenas del Programa Bolsa Familia) Cash transfer 4/13/2020
Brazil Reinforcement of the Virtual School of Government (Escola Virtual de Governo) In-kind transfer 4/1/2020
Brazil Brasil Pra Elas' Program Payment facilities 3/8/2022
Brazil School meals distribution (Distribución de comidas escolares) In-kind transfer 3/30/2020
Brazil Suspension of power interruption due to non-payment (Suspensión de cortes de energía por incumplimiento de pago) Basic services 3/26/2021
Brazil Food Distribution Action (Acción de Distribución de Alimentos - ADA) and Fraternal Brazil (Brasil Fraterno) In-kind transfer 3/26/2021
Brazil Emergency Aid (Auxílio Emergencial) Cash transfer 3/26/2020
Brazil Advance payment of the Continuous Benefit Programme (Transferencia anticipada del monto del Benefício de Prestação Continuada, BPC) Cash transfer 3/19/2020
Brazil Democratization of credit - Programa Renda e Oportunidade (Income and Opportunity Program) Payment facilities 3/17/2022
Brazil Increased coverage of Bolsa Família programme (Aumento de cobertura del Programa Bolsa Familia) Cash transfer 3/17/2020
Brazil Facilities of access to credit for companies and individuals (Facilidad de acceso al crédito a empresas y particulares) Payment facilities 2/18/2021
Brazil Special terms for tax payments (Facilidad de pago de los impuestos) Payment facilities 2/11/2021
Brazil Renegotiation of debts with the Student Financing Fund (FIES) Payment facilities 12/30/2021
Brazil Internet for elementary school students In-kind transfer 12/29/2021
Brazil Emergency Promotion Mechanism for Rural Productive Inclusion Cash transfer 12/23/2021
Brazil Gas Assistance Cash transfer 11/19/2021
Brazil Training for micro and small entrepreneurs (MSEs), individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) and artisans on Amazon In-kind transfer 1/7/2022
Brazil Insurance for delivery drivers of delivery application companies In-kind transfer 1/5/2022
Country or territoryName of measurePrincipal measureDate announced


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