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About ReDeSoc

The Social Development Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (ReDeSoc) of the Social Development Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) is a virtual space that promotes different types of information (news, publications, events, videos) related to the social development of the region, by which policy decision-makers, professionals, specialists, academics, as well as public, academic and civil society institutions converge.

In addition, ReDeSoc:

  • Allows people, public and private institutions, civil society organizations and academia to share news, events, videos, publications and studies with other Network stakeholders interested in related topics.
  • Promotes the activities of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, which periodically gathers the governments of the region.
  • Contains specialized thematic portals in some of the main working areas of the Social Development Division of ECLAC: Childhood and adolescence; Social investment; Social Innovation; Youth and Social Inclusion; People with disabilities; Social protection; Institutional frameworks of social policies; Food and Nutrition Security.
  • It is a Public Platform to access information of the Social Development Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean that gathers databases on non-contributory social protection, the institutional frameworks of social policies, youth and social investment and expenditure.
  • It publishes a Monthly Newsletter and Thematic Notes of Social Development with the main activities, publications and news related to that topic in the region.

To participate in ReDeSoc, you can register as a personal or institutional user.
To create your account, a simple online form is available on the Main page. This will allow you to receive information from the Network and share links to news, events, publications or documents in electronic or PDF format.
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